GSoD: Technical writers -Mentor's meeting 2019-6-27

Hey Everyone!

We are almost closing the application of GSoD. To those of us who haven’t submitted our proposals, kindly do it in the remaining few hours. Otherwise thanks for choosing openmrs community and we are glad to have you on board.

In this week’s documentation meeting, we suggested to have a meeting on Thursday 2019/6/27 with the main agenda of knowing what is expected from the technical writers by the mentors of the given projects. It will be an interactive session and so I call upon all of us to join this call.

Please fill in the doodle sheet below to choose the time we could conduct the Event.

The time for the meeting will be communicated after voting is done. Voting stops on 26/6/2019 mid night.

cc @burke, @jennifer, @c.antwi, @irenyak1, @gcliff , @tendomart , @herbert24, @ ayesh , @laurelmichaels, @shafiq12 , @sk9331657, @sachin235, @marslan8530, @faizanzafar40

Regards Juliet

thanks @jwnasambu for this,:+1:

Hello friends, Just a reminder we shall have a mentor - technical writer’s meeting today at 4pm EAT which is 1pm UTC time on this link:

cc @burke, @jennifer, @c.antwi, @irenyak1, @gcliff , @tendomart , @herbert24, @ayesh , @laurelmichaels, @shafiq12 , @sk9331657, @sachin235, @marslan8530, @faizanzafar40


Hi @jwnasambu

Is it ok if I join the call.And am still waiting for the feed back from my mentor on proposal draft.

Sure. The call is open to everyone who applied as a technical writer feel free to join.

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Sure @jwnasambu thanks alot

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@ayesh Could you share with me your proposal? I can have a look at it and provide any applicable feedback.

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Sure @c.antwi here it is

Was this put on the OpenMRS calendar?

Yes I put it this morning.

That means those who are sleeping (time zone difference) did not see it. It is recommended that as soon as you schedule community meetings, you immediately put them on the OpenMRS Calendar.

Thanks for the observation. I follow the recommendations.

i cannot find a link to join. This application isn’t available in my country too

@marslan8530 have you tried this out

the meeting is going on now

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Hi all

Sorry I was not been able to make it to the meeting :slightly_frowning_face:

Apologies Friends , I saw this late , @c.antwi do you have the link to the recording ?

its ok @ayesh, have you made final conclusions and amendments with your mentor in regards to your proposal?

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Hi @gcliff

Hm nope I shared the praposal draft on 20th of June but I didn’t get any feed back.So submitted as it is :slightly_smiling_face:

sorry for the delay @ayesh ,

who is your mentor?

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@burke is the mentor of the project @ayesh is interested in.

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