GSOD Guide and welcome for new contributors

Hello everyone, I’m Precious Ndubueze, a medical student, technical writer and developer. I hope I’m welcome into the community. I’m applying for a project in GSOD and would love to work with Openmrs as it aligns with all basic fields I’m involved in. Although I’m late, can anyone guide me on how to contribute to the documentation while writing my proposals and also tips on writing my proposal. I greatly appreciate the community and all efforts

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First of all,you are warmly welcome to the community and we are glad that you joined us.Thanks too for your interest in GSOD 2020.First things first,This link contains all the GSOD projects and the time line.Read through that link so as you get to know what you might have missed and what could be next.Kindly let me know incase of any questions and i will be available to help you.I will also be available here to guide you on the next steps,thanks