GSOD 2022 FHIR Implementation Guide Community Review

Hello community

As we are finalizing our final GSOD project final evaluation this year, We are seeking for more people who have an interest in reviewing our proposed fhir implementation guide draft GSOD project GSOD22 | Case Study - Google Docs . Our deliverable of how an ig look like click here We would love to hear from mentors/reviewers by commenting on this draft . Feel free to leave a comment.


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Thank you @sharif, I did add the timelines.

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We would love to hear recommendations from the mentors and community members.

CC: @mozzy @pmanko

I suggest folks look at the Table of Contents. OPENMRS\Table of Contents - FHIR v4.0.1

@sharif currently the home page makes the docs look blank - if you could embed the TOC or even just a link to the TOC that would be helpful so people don’t leave without noticing there is a ton of content in the Table of Contents and in the Artifact Index.

May I confirm my understanding: So all the documentation found through the TOC/Artifact Index is a live-updating, dynamic one-place that anyone wondering “What does the OpenMRS FHIR API currently support” can use to answer that question. Is that right?

Yes @grace, Thats true, We only included resources we support.

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Alright. Let me rectify that.

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Thank you @grace, Yeah am working on the home page with custom content from OMRS wiki FHIR squad page. Let me get down with it today then I will CC you for a review.



Dear @grace Am showcasing the changes on the homepage today in the FHIR Squad call, I would love to get some reviews from you.

Meeting link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

CC: @christine @sharif @mozzy @pmanko @jennifer @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5



Hello @grace please take a look at the updates to the homePage

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Thanks @sharif @abertnamanya and @christine for putting this case study together!

I went through it and added some content & context here and there. Please take a final look by 6pm EAT so that we can publish this case study to the Wiki and submit it to Google by tomorrow’s deadline!


Dear members , Here is the link to the case study on wiki Case Study: FHIR2 Module Implementation Guide - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki Please help with reviewing it before it’s submitted to google.


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Here is the video showcasing Fhir Implementation guide overview cc @mozzy @pmanko @abertnamanya @grace @jennifer @christine


Could there be a reason why you left out these resources?






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Sorry I haven’t replied to your above messages Abert & Sharif; I confess the last 2 weeks I was very focused on the GDHF conference that finished last week. FYI I am already finding the FHIR IG really helpful, and I have already been sharing the link to OPENMRS\Artifacts Summary - FHIR v4.0.1 with anyone who needs to review the extent of our current FHIR api coverage. So this is already proving to be a very valuable resource!!

Now the challenge ahead of us is to keep it up-to-date. It’s not clear to me when I look at exactly where to make a PR to edit some of the content. What do you think about adding a section like “How to Update or Contribute to this FHIR IG”, with text like: "Keeping this FHIR IG up-to-date is a community effort. If you have content suggestions or new coverage to document, please make a PR at [GitHub Repo Link?]. If you have questions or a project idea to help continue to grow OpenMRS’ FHIR coverage, let us know on or on the OpenMRS community Slack our FHIR channel at #fhir. "

What do you think?

p.s. - Why not give yourselves a bit more credit by linking to your Case Study page (Case Study: FHIR2 Module Implementation Guide - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki) under Credits and Acknowledgements, perhaps next to the GSOC line item?

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Great question from Daniel, especially since we are now using this FHIR IG as our source-of-truth about what the OpenMRS FHIR API covers :wink:

Thank you so much @dkayiwa @grace for checking on those resources, perhaps we could have missed them out. We shall surely include them. cc @abertnamanya .

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Yeah, this would be great for the community to have knowledge on how to make contributions to the IG or do corrections where necessary. Let me add it to the menu items.

Thanks, @grace for bringing this up.

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So sorry we missed those resources, Me and my Colleague @sharif we are going to add them as soon as possible.

Thanks @dkayiwa