GSoD 2021: Restructured/improved Getting Started Guides for Dictionary, QA, and Documentation groups

Hello docs team and other affiliates,

For the next month, we’ll be working to create or improve Getting Started Guides for Dictionary Squad, QA, and Documentation teams. This will be done by streamlining existing tutorials, and filling in any learning gaps. For this reason, I would like our representatives from these groups, @hadijah315 and @christine to examine the existing project materials, and keep these questions in mind?

  1. What learning content is for technical users, and what content is for non-technical users?
  2. What content is mandatory before contributing, and what content is meant to facilitate understanding or scope of the project?
  3. After examining the first two points, do you see any gaps in knowledge in the existing guides that the Documentation team can help improve?

For the other docs team members, I would recommend reviewing the QA and Dictionary squad content, and taking notes as to how we can help improve the Getting Started guides. I would really appreciate coming to next week’s meeting prepared with your thoughts.

@jennifer @grace @gracebish @ejomo @kaylinbracey

Dictionary materials: OpenMRS Dictionary Manager app (aka OCL for OpenMRS) - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

QA materials: Quality Assurance - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki, OpenMRS Quality Assurance Support Team - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki


@jwnasambu @suruchi Kindly make time for the Dictionary manager and advise accordingly.

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