GSoD 2021: Proposed Template for Future Project Pages

Hi everyone. I’m Brett Studer, I am the technical writer for Google Season of Docs 2021. One of the initial projects I have been working on with Jennifer involves creating reusable templates for OpenMRS project pages for the wiki.

The intent is to create project pages that are consistent in structure and formatting, and are convenient for info-seeking users. We are likely going to talk about this more in-depth during an upcoming Product and Design Meeting or Documentation Team Meeting (TBD).However, if anyone wants to look at the template currently and provide feedback, that is welcomed. In its current state the template is broad enough that any project should be able to follow the format, but I am open to hearing more suggestions about what else we can add or how we can structure it. Thanks!

OpenMRS Sample Project Page Template


This will be the most basic overview of the project. Ideally should only be a few sentences but may require more detail to properly explain each project.

How does this project fit in with the strategy?

This section elaborates more on the project’s goals relating to how they align with OpenMRS’ goals.


This is an optional section that can include important context or prerequisites needed to either understand the scope of the project, or any necessary tools/skills needed to help with tasks.

How to Join

This will provide links and schedules for new users interested in joining the team. It should provide the recommended communication platforms, as well as the team’s meeting schedule.

Useful Tools and Tips

Somewhat similar to Background but can be oriented towards auxiliary content or miscellaneous tutorials.

Meet the Team

Finally, team information. This will include the project’s leaders, or any other noteworthy team members. This info should be conveyed with the same template (I’m partial to the table on the FHIR page).


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@bstuder99 Thanks for kicking us off! There is definitely some variation in our project pages and having a template + guidance will hopefully help us be consistant and maintain these pages.

This seems like a great place to reinforce the connections between the squad’s project goals, the product direction on the Product Dashboard (or the community engagement direction on the Community Engagement Dashboard), and country-level priorities. The Collaboration Opportunities page on the Wiki might help with this.