GSOD 2020: Developing Tools and Processes for Maintaining OpenMRS Documentation

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hi @herbert24 @jennifer

I have created this topic to discuss on Developing Tools and Processes for Maintaining OpenMRS Documentation.

Could you kindly provide clarifications for the following?

  1. Does OpenMRS follow any procedure now for documentation?
  2. Do you only use Trello for documentation tasks like we use for warmup challenges?

Looking forward to your help Thank you

Apparently we don’t have though we are hoping this project will help us come up with one.

Yes @uthpala. It helps us to minimize confusion around project assignments with simple tools to organize tasks and track progress of each card.


Thank you @jwnasambu :slightly_smiling_face:

We have some templates set up in the Wiki to help people create new pages in a standard way.

And then there’s the New Projects template available on the Wiki as well.



Finding a confluence macro to display all tagged pages for improvement is one of the objective of the project. Does all these macros or solutions that we are going to propose should be free solutions? I have found really good confluence, JIRA, trello integration tools and macros where some are free only upto a certain limit.

Thank you

It’s preferable to leverage features that are built into Confluence wherever possible. We try to limit use of third party plugins, since they require maintenance and attention and can make the wiki less stable.

For example, confluence has built-in macros to list pages by characteristics (e.g., labels).


Thanks @burke

Thanks @uthpala for making this post. I am also interested in this project for GSOD 2020. I am doing warm up practises for GSOD 2020 and working on trello tasks too.

Looking forward to get your help and guidance :smile: @herbert24 @jennifer @jwnasambu @marslan8530

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@vibhorchinda17 thanks for the works,i have also added some comments on your trello board cards

Yeah working on them will soon post updates :smile:

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and hope you got a chance to look at this

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Thank you for this @herbert24.
This will surely help me in my application :smile:

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I have found some JIRA issues related to documentation tasks. For example this one :

May I know that OpenMRS uses both JIRA and Trello now? In the future is there any plan to have only a single mechanism to record tasks or to have both ways?

Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you

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@uthpala, the Documentation Team uses Trello for general documentation tasks, like updating our Wiki, developing volunteer guides, etc.

Sometimes, projects or squads will choose to integrate documentation into their process, so will capture that via JIRA.


Thanks @jennifer :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now Wiki page can be edited by any OpenMRS member. Is it a practise that we need to continue? Is that okay to limit the page for few people like the page who created and recently edited so that there can be control over wiki pages.

the wiki pages are always edited by every member and since we are a big community,so many good things can be added on wiki and we cannot limit others,what we do is always to overlook the changed pages

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Thanks @herbert24 for the input :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @burke @jennifer @herbert24 @uthpala @vibhorchinda17 and every one viewing this thread. I am also intreseted in working on this project.

As i was iterating through the solutions of finding outdated pages (pages not modified for a year) in Active Projects, i decided to use the already existing CQL search macro to search the pages that have not been modified by a year. I named the page Outdated pages (but the name can re-edited to what makes more meaning).
Another alternative I hard was to create a macro that displays or hides information (an alert stating “This page is Outdated”) depending on a certain condition (date of last modification of the page). This became hard to achieve because even if i hard managed to create it, pasting it on every descendant pages in Active Projects page would modify the lastModified date so i decided to cancel out that option. Unless their is another alternative. The alternative i opted for was able to reduce entropy (i suppose) since i reused an existing feature.

However, am now a little puzzled, :confused: :confused: on the idea of finding pages that are duplicated, what is the best option to use? If i continue with the Confluence macro, Should i use this same page, change its name like to "OpenMRS conflicting pages", and create two sections: a) Labled “Outdated Pages” and b) “Duplicated pages”? :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:
If that’s the best alternative should i search by title? But some pages share common content but different titles. How best can i write a querry to compare contents in each and every page to find out if the page has been duplicated or not?

The requirements of this project are really not so specific (to me). I request @jennifer, @herbert24 (mentors) and any member of the community willing to help, to please give us more details of what this project requires, beyond just ensuring that pages aren’t both duplicated and outdated?

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We are throwing more light on this project today during the documentation call,incase you miss out i will make sure i reach out to you.Thanks