GSoD 2020 : Call for new documentation projects

Helo every one,as we look towards applying for GSOD 2020 in the next weeks,i would like to call on the members of the community to come up with some project ideas that they think can be handled in the forth coming GSOD 2020.Lets keep making our documentation better,we cant wait hearing from you!! cc @gracebish @dkayiwa @gcliff @ruhanga @ball @jennifer @jecihjoy @akanter @christine @samuel34 @suthagar23 @sharif @mozzy @jwnasambu @ibacher @mseaton @burke @mksd @reagan @slubwama @ssmusoke @paynejd @jmpango @tendomart @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5

thanks @suthagar23 for the edits

Well received @herbert24. Thanks!

Hi @herbert24 and the team

I would like to propose a project . An extension for the current rest api documentation.


  1. Cover the objects which has not been covered by last year’s project
  2. .Add more samples for the object types. ( Java Samples , Node.JS,)
  3. Double check the current samples are up to date. 4 Take a look at the overview doc and make it more sharp with more content.
  4. Finally make sure to present the progress weekly with a talk post which will help to get the feed back from the community (Personally I believe this would help a lot to improve documentation as well as developers will get familiar with it which is the end goal of this project)

cc :- @burke


I think enhancing the REST API docs would be a great idea.

I’d also be interested in a project to create “Using the FHIR API… for OpenMRS Developers” – documentation that teaches an OpenMRS developer through practical examples how to use the new FHIR module.

/cc @ibacher


I would certainly support a “Using the FHIR API” guide in the style of the guide at

It might also be good to have a guide to setting up a new ESM, i.e., a new microfrontend module.


That is exactly what i was about to say! :smile:


@ayesh , am in for that :slightly_smiling_face:

@mozzy thats great :smiley: