GSoD 2019 : Projects Successfully Accepted and Announced by Google !!!

On behalf of OpenMRS-GSoD 2019 ,We’re delighted to announce the successful technical writing projects for Season of Docs 2019:

For long-running projects, there will be a further announcement of successful projects on March 6, 2020.

Congratulations to all our technical writers (@ayesh @marslan8530 @batbrain7) and mentors (@burke @jennifer @c.antwi) who participated in this year’s program and everyone else who supported us! We re grateful for the work accomplished.

Please See Official Announcement

@ayesh @marslan8530 @batbrain7

cc @gcliff @burke @c.antwi @jennifer @dkayiwa @irenyak1 @jwnasambu


Hi @tendomart

Thank you for the great work you and the documentation team done :smiley::v:


You are welcome, thanks roy your dedicated contributions too.

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Thank you so much @tendomart for your support during GSoD period :slight_smile: I look forward to contributing more for OpenMRS.


Thank you all members for this great work being done, it has taught me alot in terms of working as a team since it was the first project i attended online in the community especially via GSOD calls , thanks all cc.@tendomart @ayesh @marslan8530 @dkayiwa @jennifer @jwnasambu and all keep the fire burning


@marslan8530 you are more than welcome and thanks too for the great effort rendered to this community.

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Thank you all the technical writers for dedicating your time to accomplish your task, @marslan8530, @ayesh, @batbrain7 and thank you mentors and admins.

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