GSoD 2019: Documentation to Begin Soon !

To our Beloved Writers , Mentors and the Community at large,

I would like to remind us that the Long awaited Documentation Development Process officially Begins Next week on 2 Sept 2019 .So if there is anything unsettled or unclear find it a pleasure to ask the team

cc @c.antwi @gcliff @irenyak1 @jwnasambu @burke @dkayiwa @herbert24 @jennifer @batbrain7 @ayesh @marslan8530

All the Best.

Regards Tendo


tendomart thanks for the update!!!

Thank you @tendomart

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thanks @tendomart

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@tendomart I would like to ask where we will start writing the documentation, do we have to write on a particular platform?

since @ayesh and I have the same project we also need to discuss amongst ourselves how to proceed towards that.

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Hi @batbrain7

Mohit it will be great if we can have this discussion on the public talk post that we have for the project.Where @burke also in.Yes as u said we have to discuss as well.


@batbrain7 As we earlier indicated on the introductions page ,each one of you is expected to have a main thread to show progress of your work .About the platform we will let you know by the end Business EAT today.

Which kind of " platform " do you have in mind ? Any examples that could add value to us.


@tendomart regarding the platform I meant, will we write the documentation on a .md file or use google docs or any other accessible means or will we simply edit the current api documentation??

we are desciding on it today!!

@batbrain7 @ayesh @marslan8530

The two projects have wiki pages that have been created here :

@batbrain7 and @ayesh

and for @marslan8530

I would suggest you keep your project activities on the project page on the wiki, which already has been created for you. You can create google doc’s for the documentation work you are working on and maintain the links on that page. Conversation and reviews of the work you are doing will be done on talk with links to the reference sections of the wiki page where you keeping your work.

let me know if you have any questions