GSoC24: Validation rule builder for the form builder, Looking comments for my proposal.

Hey @everyone . I’ve developed a simple web app for UI-based form validation (like tally forms). React.js was used for this project, and Zod is utilized for both validation and custom logic conditions. I developed with the motive of a Validation rule builder for the form builder project idea. By doing these ways, we can create a UI-based form with custom logic, the newbie does not need to worry about the validation and condition, and for that, we’ll be giving UI-crafted validation. Where user can select based on their requirements for a particular form. Your feedback will be helpful to me. Thanks in advance. Last thing: apologies for the simple- UI/UX, and not responsiveness also. It’s just a sample web app for your reference.

Note: In form-builder-engine, we’re not updating the validation condition, left it as an empty array.

Hosted URL:

GitHub: GitHub - senthil-k8s/UI-Based-Form-Validation

ScreenRecorder : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Hey @grace, @dennis, @jayasanka, @vasharma05, @hadijah315. Looking for your comments on how to improve my ideology.


Thanks for sharing this, @senthilathiban.This is a great start!

Is this compatible with our existing rules?

@dennis @hadijah315 any suggestions?

Hey @jayasanka, thanks for ur support. I have discussed with @dennis in the O3 coffee chat, he advised me to build exactly like Tally forms ( Rule builder with when and then logics ), the one u have suggested in GSOC24 wiki. So, I’ve changed my skeleton and backend schema. Here is overview of my work: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Note: I haven’t completed yet. I’ve integrated the rule builder only in Text Area component, as you may see in the Recording. Some pending works are there in the backend logics as well as in schema part and also in UI Enhancement. I’ll try to come up with the web-app within couple of days. Thanks in advance.

cc: @dennis, @grace, @vasharma05, @jayasanka, @hadijah315.

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This is great @senthilathiban and indeed those are some of the validation rules that we need. Looking forward to this feature.

Thanks for your support @hadijah315.