GSoC students, register your nick on IRC

Hi GSoC students. Did you know you can get “voice” status in the #openmrs IRC channel? Depending on your IRC client, that will put you at the top of the user list and/or give you a + next to your name when you sign in.

Here’s how:

  1. Register your IRC nick (username) by typing the following on a new line (by itself, replacing password with a secure password of your choice): /msg NickServ REGISTER password
  2. To keep your email address private, I also suggest typing the following (also on a new line by itself): /msg NickServ SET HIDEMAIL ON

That’s it! Send me (downey) a message on IRC to let me know you’ve registered and I’ll adjust the channel permissions to automatically give you a voice when you’re online and identified to NickServ. Speaking of which …

How to identify yourself to NickServ:

  1. Manually: type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY foo password (Where foo is your nick and password is your password.)
  2. Automatically: This depends on your IRC client. Look for settings related to NickServ identity, or server passwords and store your password in your IRC client so it will automatically identify you when you sign in.

See you on IRC!


I typed my password in and IRC said “You are now identified for sashrika”. But no + mark appended to my name.

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@sashrika I think we’d see the + after @michael adjusts the channel permissions :smile:


@michael, the Nick ‘Mayank’ is already registered to some mayank_gupta2005. I have registered and verified the Nick ‘maany’ instead.

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From Freenode:

At staffer discretion, we consider IRC nicks expired after they have not been used for 10 weeks plus one additional week per full year of registration, normally up to a maximum of five additional weeks.

Nicks which are considered expired are not dropped automatically on a regular basis. If you ask a staffer, we’ll usually be happy to manually drop the one you want so that you can re-register it.

So if you ask someone with +V voice in the #freenode channel, they can help release that old name. (If you want it!) @willa just did this yesterday if you need more tips.

(In your case, since you already have one registered, you’d want to GROUP the names together.)

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@michael, It seems the battle of Nick’s might last about 5 weeks more (minimum). The other Mayank Identified himself to the freenode NickServ 5 weeks back. ( /msg NickServ INFO Mayank). So, the staffers on #freenode won’t drop the Nick just yet. For now, I think I will stick to ‘maany’ and notify you when I return victorious as Mayank :stuck_out_tongue:

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