GSOC presentation tips for students

We thought that we’d share a few interesting tips to help out students who may not feel very comfortable with presenting on our conference calls.

  1. Always be early
  2. Check your microphone and headset in advance
  3. If you’re facing connection issues, start off your talk by asking if everyone can her you clearly. If you cut off at a later point, we will interrupt you, so don’t feel anxious about it.
  4. Prepare your topic in advance, the more the better
  5. Be sure to mute your microphone when others are presenting
  6. Always respect others on the call, and be courteous
  7. If you have a set time limit, please respect it
  8. If you are a non-native English speaker, speak loudly and slowly. People may have difficulty in understanding your accent :slight_smile:

Thanks surangak,

And sorry for my carelessness of not testing my environment, which caused my silent attendance. I’ll note your kindly tips.

BTW, When did you announced this Self-Intro Meeting… I did’t even know. I was there just by the fact that I want to hear your voice…

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