GSoC - Mid evaluation presentation - Open Concept Lab Enchancements

Hello guys, This is the mid term presentation for my project : Open Concept Lab project

My mentors are @paynejd and @ball

Thank you, Have a good day.

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Hello, guys, I have updated my video. Thank you. :grinning:

@hao555sky I used to get my recording. It helped me to smooth voice.

Thanks @hao555sky for your video. You have made good progress. Your English is fantastic compared to my Mandarin language.

@paynejd - “fork” seems like such a geeky term. What about “branch” or “copy” or “steal”?


Thank you. I tried this tool, but I think its’ speed is improper. But thank you very much.:grinning:

Thank you for your praise. I should work harder.:grinning: