GSoC Implementing bootstrap as foundation for reference application UI

I wish to contribute to this project. Can someone guide me about the project

@irenyak1 @suthagar23

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@bhanu123 have you got a chance to look at this

Yaa, I chose the project of Implementing bootstrap in reference application

First of all I would like to welcome you @bhanu123 to this great community. Pleas take a look at this resource for guidance.

@irenyak1 thanks. I’m on it

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@bhanu123 Welcome to OpenMRS and Thanks for your interest on this project. It would be better to tag your respective mentors to get their attention easily :slight_smile:.

Cc : @ssmusoke @jwnasambu

@bhanu123 Glad to have you here feel free to ask whenever you need help.

@jwnasambu, thanks. Where can I find the code on which I have to work on. And the project is about just replacing the CSS styles with that of bootstrap to get better UI, isn’t it

Before we go to the code have you perused through this? This is the link to the project you desire to work on.

cc @ssmusoke

@jwnasambu as you asked I have checked those pages, we will be replacing jsp with react isn’t it.

That is the objective. How far with the proposal? It shouldn’t be many pages make it short by enticing.

It would be helpful if I can see the code, so that I can divide it into three modules. And, will I be adding backend functionality or just the UI

I would advice that you continue working on the introductory tickets not forgetting code review as you wait to be selected to be more familiar with openmrs system. Cheers


Thanks for helping. I will be on it

How far with your proposal?