GSoC: Guidance to contribute in gsoc 2020

Hello, I am Hemil Panchiwala, a 2nd-year undergrad student at IIT Roorkee, India. I am looking forward to participating in GSoC 2020 by contributing to OpenMRS. I have completed the setup of the SDK from the guidelines given at the developer’s guide. I am interested in working in JAVA related projects like OpenMRS modules and core. After setup, I am not understanding how to start working with these projects. Can anyone give me the guidelines for how to start working with these projects?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Could the discussion on this link be of help?

Yes, this link really helps but here I am unable to find about how to start editing some developed modules code.

Did you see a link on how to get started as a developer?

I have gone through this link and also have tried the simple module as described in step 8 but am unable to understand how to make changes in some made module

Its not about reading but doing the practical part of it.

Ok Thanks,

I will once again go through the getting started as developer blog and the link provided by you above and will try to understand the modules and contribute to it.

Hi everyone I was trying Building and running the reference application for OpenMRS shifting from legacyUI module.

I am using this link as reference:

The problem is no .omod files are being generated to be copied to module folder in .OpenMRS directory on running the given script in the link mentioned above.