GSoC final celebration in 2015-08-20 dev forum

Hi folks,

As you know, we’ll be having a ‘GSoC Final Celebration’ during next weeks OpenMRS Dev forum (20th August) During the previous dev forum meeting there was some discussion on how we’d want to do this. There was some agreement that we didn’t want to listen to a bunch of presentations, because we’ll be seeing everyone’s final presentations later on. And so, the question was, how do we make use of this time efficiently?

So, i’d like to propose a ‘celebration of GSoC’ event, where everyone can join in and talk about,

  1. What they liked / disliked about the program
  2. How they planned to wrap up their project (releases etc.)
  3. What do I (the student) want to do now? where will I go from here? how can OpenMRS help you?

I hope that everyone will attend next weeks call. Also, do feel free to suggest anything else you’d like to talk about/celebrate :smile:


I will make this – I’ll definitely come on this call – I gotta break out of my nocturnal patterns!



Reminder guys, tomorrow is the day of this dev forum, and we’d like to see everyone attend, and ask us any questions that you may have. I myself may not be able to attend, but @michael and @burke will be around for sure :smile:


It would appear I missed this :frowning: