GSoC coding time

Hi admins , all and @GSoCmentors

can someone clarify on the exact coding time length allocated for GSoC22 according to our wiki, it seems around 4 months.

Thanks alot

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It’s a bit not clear whether GSoC ends in September or November. I think 175 hrs projects end in September, and 350 hrs projects end in November? We can wait for someone to confirm.

June 13 - September 12: Coding Period for Medium project

June 13 - November 13: Coding Period for Advanced project

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Martin are you covered now

How much time is specifically devoted to coding ?

@tendomart does taking a look at Google Summer of Code Timeline answers your question?

I already explored it several times .

and it’s been basically not clear wether coding spans from June 13 to Nov 12 , roughly 4-5 months

But hey thanks for the replies

Unlike the past GSoC, this year we have two types of projects; medium project and advanced project so the coding period varies based on the project size a contributor will be working on.

As mentioned earlier,