GSoC any new feature?

I am doing my final perusal to ensure everything is updated before releasing the RefApp 2.8.0 and so I wish to confirm from you if there are some new features you wish to in cooperated in this release from the projects you are working on. Kindly let me know before the end of this day.


cc @danfuterman, @suthagar23, @samuel34, @harisu, @madushan, @eunice18, @milan, @ridmal, @csmuthukuda, @isuranga, @sumangala28, @piyush9620, @pkatopenmrs,

Hi @jwnasambu

GSoC 18 is ongoing, so all of them are working on their projects.

It would be better, if you ping the last time(2017) Google Summer of Code Student for their updates. There might be some cool updates and features from their projects.

Even if these new features existed, this is not the time we include them in the release which @jwnasambu you are supposed to be doing today or latest tomorrow. The features which were supposed to be in the reference application 2.8 were agreed upon a couple of months back. And then we started working on them, bumping off a couple of them as necessary. For the last weeks, we were doing final rounds of testing, which is complete and hence now is just a time to do the actual release. Anything else, will be in the next release.

Thanks for the information i was doing some changes on my documentation and that is what my mentor advised me to do.

Are you done with those changes?

Am perusing through implementer documentation. It is the last document to check

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After that, create a pull request to update the sys admin owa as @suthagar23 requested.


@jwnasambu any other thing on The Implementer’s Documentation that you do not understand ?

Hi @jwnasambu

I think, Web Services REST Version 2.22.0 is included into the Ref App 2.8.0 . @dkayiwa Are there any possibilities on updating this version? Because Web Services.REST v2.22.0 was released on Feb 06. After that there, a lot of PRs merged with the repo including ServeLogs.

Upgrading Web Services module doesn’t a requirement for updated SysAdmin(v 1.1) OWA. But users can get the advantage of Server Logs view if we include the updated web services module. If not, SysAdmin OWA simply shows a message about the failure to the users. It will not break other features of SysAdmin OWA :smiley:

In the Ref App 2.8.0 documentation, @jwnasambu mentioned about Including Built-In Reports Open Web App into the distribution. But I can’t see any updates about the version in the Reference Application 2.8 Release Issue Tracking or POM file. Do you actually plan to include this OWA into this RefApp 2.8.0 release?

kindly note all my documentations are not up to date am still going through word by word but at the end of today i have to release this RefApp its over due.

@suthagar23 regarding the rest webservices module, that would require more rounds of testing. And since the testing period is closed, that will be for the next reference application release.

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@jwnasambu do you plan to release today? If not, then i can take it up myself because we have over delayed.

Iam planning to do it today.