GSoC 2024: What Happens Now? Community Bonding

:tada: Congratulations once again to the talented 6 contributors selected for Google Summer of Code 2024: @senthilathiban @lumuchris256 @vijaykv @manojll @jexsie @parthfloyd! :star2: We’re thrilled to have you on board and can’t wait to see what you will achieve during this program. A huge shoutout to our OpenMRS GSoC mentors and all the students who submitted their applications this year.

As we enter the community bonding period until 2024-05-25T18:30:00Z, it’s essential to set yourselves up for success. Here’s what you can expect and when you should complete each step:

:wave: Firstly, please introduce yourselves on this thread. We’d love to know more about you, specifically:

  1. Where are you from/based?
  2. Tell us about your project in a sentence or two.
  3. What interests you about OpenMRS?
  4. Tell us one (or more) interesting or fun facts about yourself.
  5. Tell us about your previous open-source contributions (short and sweet).
  6. Which open-source tools/techs do you most prefer to use, and how do you plan to introduce them to the OpenMRS community?

Next, it’s time to get to know your mentors. Reach out to them and schedule an initial meeting. Set up a weekly communication plan and review/refine your project timeline and plan.

:speech_balloon: Be prepared to start blogging! At the end of the community bonding period, each contributor should create a blog post about their experience during this time. During the GSoC coding period, you’ll be required to post a blog entry each week. Starting early will help you establish a habit and make the process more comfortable.


:tada: Also, we’re excited to announce the Mentor-Mentee Social Hour will take place on 2024-05-06T14:00:00Z. This virtual gathering will provide an opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves and get to know each other. We look forward to seeing you all there! By now, you should have received the calendar invitation. Please let us know in case you didn’t receive it. :date:

cc: @jayasanka @vasharma05 @grace @erica @dennis @hadijah315 @jofrancisco @frederic.deniger @pwargulak @samuel34 @druchniewicz @wikumc @dkayiwa


Hi everyone!

I’m Vijay KV from India, currently pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, Kerala, India.

I have been selected for the Project "O3: User Onboarding” where I will be building onboarding mechanisms into the Test 3 and O3 demo environments. I believe it provides guided assistance to new users, endeavor to enhance the accessibility and usability of OpenMRS.

Write code save lives - Working on an open-source Medical Records System that is used globally is really exciting. I’ve gained tons of knowledge since joining the community. Plus, the folks at OpenMRS are super supportive and fun to collaborate with!

I enjoy juggling lots of things at once, but sometimes I take on too much and feel overwhelmed.I love to read books and sing songs. Also I like to learn new technologies and share my knowledge with others.

In the past I have made contributions to different opensource organizations and participated in the Hacktoberfest and some other open source programs.

I have experience working in React, JavaScript, python and NodeJS on both personal and commercial projects. I would love to see some AI driven stuffs in OpenMRS with the help of ML algorithms in Python.

Congratulations to other contributors as well. Looking forward to working with everyone

warm Regards and cheers! :grinning:


Hello @everyone, I’m Senthil Athiban from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Currently, I’m pursuing a B.E. in Automobile Engineering at the Madras Institute of Technology.

I’ve been selected for the Validation Rule Builder for the form builder. The purpose of the validation rule builder is to ensure the validation logic for React Form Engine in user interactive mode. It will be helpful for people who may not have any experience in writing JavaScript expression logic for complex forms and to reduce potential errors.

I used to think that giving back to society meant helping people physically. However, I was intrigued when I came across OpenMRS and its motto, ‘Write Code, Save Lives.’ It made sense to me that we can improve people’s health through coding. As helping and giving back to society is my aim, I found that OpenMRS is already doing great work. It’s an opportunity for me to contribute. Now I’m here with you all.

I love watching movies, especially science fiction. Academically, my craziest habit is that I read every day, every hrs, every minute, and every second. Yes, reading is my habit. I read books, song lyrics, blogs, and even every single line of code in large codebases. This habit has driven me to explore more about technology and open-source.

My coding journey kicked off with GirlsScript Summer of Code in 2023. That was my first open-source program participation, where I learned more about open-source, team collaboration, and clean coding practices. I contributed to several projects during the program, especially in e-commerce products.

My favorite languages are Java and JavaScript. I prefer Java for data structures and algorithms, and JavaScript for development purposes. It might sound crazy, but my development journey started with the React.js framework for the frontend and Node.js with Express.js for the backend. Now, I’m transitioning to the Next.js framework to build a B2B SaaS product.

My heartiest congratulations to all the selected contributors and it is my pleasure to connect you all.


Hi everyone,

I am Manoj Rathnapriya from Sri lanka, I graduated in software engineering from university of Westminster in November 2023.

I got selected to the project “Validating and re-writing the OpenMRS patient flag module”. I am willing to overhaul it’s performance issue and make the code base align with current OpenMRS standers.

Since March 2023, I’ve been part of the OpenMRS community, OpenMRS allow us to use our skills and passion to make a real impact in healthcare. The community is incredibly supportive, and it’s been a fantastic opportunity for personal and professional growth. Now, I’m more excited to contribute further and take my involvement to the next level.

I am interest in go hiking ,camping on a mountain hills and I do aqua escaping as my hobby.

I haven’t contributed in open source other than OpenMRS.

I mostly prefer to work on back end related stuff. I have experience work on projects using Java, Python, Spring, Spring-boot and flask. I would like to help the community with these technologies and my knowledge.

Congratulation to all who selected GSOC 24, really excited to meet you all on Monday.


Hello everyone! I’m Parth Panchal from California, a graduate student at SFSU & past contributor at World Health Organization (SMART Guidelines & EmCare) & Google’s Open Health Stack project.

I’ll be working on the project “Building an Offline-Capable Android Application for LMICs Integrated with Enhanced OpenMRS 3.0” under the guidance of @frederic.deniger & @jofrancisco Our goal is to create an operational MVP & a fully documented git repository which OpenMRS community can use to build their own Android applications.

The OpenMRS community has always fascinated me. The energy, willingness to help & sheer dedication to work has motivated me a lot. Moreover the quality solutions that OpenMRS community has delivered and its impact truly is a shining example of the power of open source development in general.

I love writing poems & creating spotify playlists(I got one 34 hour long, happy to share its link). Strong stan for Star wars & Brooklyn nine nine! I’ve delivered production code in any popular high level language you can think of, just don’t ask me to write hello world out of memory :smile:

I’ve contributed and maintained a fork repository (to include projet specific changes) for Google’s android-fhir repository while working on EmCare (a reference application to implement SMART Guidelines by World Health Organization).

I’d love to introduce Open Health stack tools to our community & also various tools related to development in FHIR.

Again super grateful for this opportunity to contribute & learn from the OpenMRS community. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime (always down for a quick bug fix meeting). Looking forward to meet you all on Monday! :rocket:


hello everyone I am Lumu Christopher from Uganda , a software engineer

I’ll be working on the project " Integrating the CFL’s Messages module into o3. The goal of the project is to : Develop an O3 UI, aimed at system administrators, to facilitate configuration of Message Services - create new ones, upload SQL queries, configure configuration options.

I am greatly fascinatied by the theme write code to save lives and thats how my journey with openmrs started , the passion to contribute to the health of society in one way .

My heartiest congratulations to all the selected contributors , my pleasure to connect with you all.

cheers! :smiley:


Thank you to everyone who participated in our GSoC 2024 Mentor-Mentee Social Hour! :tada: We had an awesome session, and it was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic faces ready to dive into their projects. A special shoutout to our mentors and mentees for making the session interactive and engaging. You truly made it a memorable event.

Here’s a snapshot from our call to capture the excitement and positive energy we shared:

As we continue through the community bonding period, let’s keep the momentum going. Remember to introduce yourselves on the thread if you haven’t already, and start connecting with your mentors to set up your project timelines and communication plans.

Looking forward to seeing all the amazing work you’ll accomplish!