GSoC 2024 : Validation Rule Builder for the form builder Progress Update

Hello everyone, I’ve been selected as a GSOC Student for the project Validation Rule Builder for Form Builder. I’ll be using this thread to share my work progress and my blog post.


Primary mentor: @dennis

Backup mentor: @hadijah315

Objectives of the project:

• Developing an efficient User Interface Validation Rule Builder for the React Form Engine.

• Transitioning to React-hook-form and utilizing its capabilities for validation logic.

• Enabling the Validation rule-builder to accommodate helper functions and JavaScript expressions.

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Hello folks,

I’m excited to share my community bonding journey with all of you through this blog. The memory of my first GSoC Orientation program remains vivid, thanks to the incredible session led by @jayasanka and @grace.

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Hello forks, Here is the blog post for the second week of my GSoC Journey.

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Sharing my 3rd blog on community experience.

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@pauladams @cduffy . Here is the final design of the rule builder for the form builder. Utilized Figma and carbon design system. Adding a small demo also. Your feedback on these would be helpful. cc: @grace , @cduffy , @pauladams , @dennis , @hadijah315


Draft PR:

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My Coding Journey:

Week 01: May 27 - June 01, 2024

  • Created EPIC for my project

  • Updated Project Wiki Page

  • Created my first draft PR

  • Demo of recent work on my project

  • First blog post of coding period

Week 02: June 03, 2024 - June 08, 2024

  • Received feedback on my GSoC progress from my primary mentor, @dennis. Shared a demo of my project.

  • Completed the unit test cases for my project to ensure functionality and reliability.

  • Published my second blog post for the coding period, detailing my progress and experiences.

  • Began writing user-friendly documentation to assist users in building conditional logic for forms.

Week 03: June 10, 2024 - June 15, 2024

cc: @grace , @dennis , @hadijah315 , @jayasanka , @vasharma05


Thanks so much for keeping up this blog, it helps me!! Love how you included a loom video / demo :star_struck: Can’t wait to try this out on dev3. Please let me know when it’s ready to try out :slight_smile: I would especially love @veronica and @wamz 's expert review as they have built mannny forms for OpenMRS over the years and will have great insight. Whenever you’re ready @senthilathiban let us know so we can try it out ourselves and share feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you @grace . Happy to hear that the blog post is helpful for you. :blush:

I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the progress and notify you as soon as it’s ready for testing.

Hello @grace, @dennis

I would like to develop documentation for the validation rule builder project, which is related to RFE. It would be helpful for me If I could get access to this wiki page to edit the docs section.

cc: @grace , @dennis.

Hello @everyone,

I have developed the documentation for my GSoC project: Validation Rule Builder for the form builder. This documentation provides a tutorial guide for users on utilizing the validation rule builder to create conditional logic for forms. Please take a look at these documentation and provide your feedback. Your feedback will be helpful to me.

cc: @grace, @dennis , @hadijah315 , @samuel34 , @vasharma05 , @jayasanka , @eudson, @veronica @wamz.

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