Gsoc 2024: UI Based Validation rule builder for the form builder - requirement gathering

Hey everyone,

I am interested in the Validation rule builder for the form builder project on this year’s Google Summer of Code project list.

I have gone through the project description and several related threads, to come to speed with the project specifications and aim. aiming to simplify the process of defining custom validation logic through a user interface. This feature eliminates the need for BAs to delve into the intricacies of js validation rules and conditions, offering an intuitive UI-driven approach option.

Users can seamlessly select and configure validation rules tailored to their specific form requirements, streamlining the form creation process and enhancing accessibility for users with varying levels of expertise.

So, I have created this thread to further spot the necessary resources and discussions here.

Asking for clarity on ;

  1. Is there current documentation on the types of validations needed and the conditions that should be supported?
  2. throws a 502 bad getway , is it a deprecated attempt?
  3. any other necessary key resources ?

related threads :

recognition for the past work on the form builder :clap:

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Hi @lumuchris256 thanks you or picking interest on this.

You can see a demo for the Form Builder on dev3 under the System Administration (Top Right Corner)

Demo Link:

Repo: GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-esm-form-builder: OpenMRS Form Builder microfrontend

In regards to adding validation, there’s also this initial work that was started by @jamiearodi you can take a look at (feat) Form validator built into interactive form builder by arodidev · Pull Request #172 · openmrs/openmrs-esm-form-builder · GitHub