GSoC 2024: Replacement for standalone app with containerization

Hello OpenMRS Community, Under GSoC " Replace the Standalone with something else.", project Idea, I’m willing to contribute. I would like to use this topic as a thread to create my project proposal.

I attempted to do a demo with the pre packaged OpenMRS standalone app last year but encountered challenges while installing and configuring. This experience leads me to believe containerization could be a solution, however, it seems complex. Therefore would it be possible to use a more lightweight OpenMRS or a smaller OpenMRS module instead ? as I would like to shape my project proposal with practical knowledge.

Or, If you guys have a different approach to do this please guide me @dkayiwa @wikumc

Today’s @Platform_Team call discussed the following regarding this topic.

  1. Replace embedded mysql with embedded mariadb for J because Embedded mysql is nolonger supported. This the most straight forward option.

  2. Upgrade the standalone to run on Java 17, a subtle way of getting all current users upgrade.

  3. Containerization or any other option that’s as simple as the current one in terms of bootstrapping and footprint. Most users de-test containers but we’re stuck between a rock and hard place, the containerized version may run aside the current setup so users go with their preferred flavor.

@wyclif @burke


Thanks for the details you provided about future plan of Standalone app.

  1. should I consider shifting to mariaDB and upgrading to Java 17 task under this project Idea or is it a seperate task?

  2. Additionally, if we opt for a containerization solution, it will require some level of technical knowledge from end-users like healthcare workers to effectively utilize the container. Even with solutions like orchestrated containers, there’s still a learning curve involved. Are we also considering alternatives like creating an executable file for users to download, install, and run the application? Or are we solely focused on pursuing containerization as the definitive solution?

@jayasanka @piumal1999