GSOC 2024: Integrating CFL’s SMS Module into O3 - Requirement Gathering

Hello community,

I am interested to work on the project idea of Integrating CFL’s SMS Module into O3 in the GSOC session 2024. I have gained some information about the project through various sources like Slack, wiki, and talks and I want to have more understanding of the project through this thread.

As I have learned, we have a SMS MODULE which is an API module that provides a layer between the OpenMRS module and service providers like Vonage,, etc. This module helps in allowing seamless integration without the need for any code modifications which enables easy configuration changes at runtime, facilitating provider switching within the module’s contained solution.

The main goal of the project is Making an SMS module easier to use for O3-based OpenMRS distributions by providing an O3-compatible UI. You can read more about the project in the provided links WIKI and TALK.

Can someone please guide me on how to work around more on the SMS MODULE, so that I can have a better idea of the project? Anything that will help me to understand more about the SMS Module APIs will be beneficial.

cc: @pwargulak @druchniewicz @samuel34



The main objective of this project is to create an SMS module using the O3 UI. Currently, we have an SMS module in the Connect for Life distribution, but we want to develop a more versatile solution that could be used with any OpenMRS distribution in the future. The rich picture diagram of the module is represented in the following image.

Moving Forward

The SMS module will be designed to facilitate the sending of SMS and WhatsApp messages through worldwide SMS providers. The module is equipped with a set of imperative features, including:

  • Capability to send SMS
  • Capability to add and edit SMS configurations
  • Capability to import templates for new SMS provider templates
  • Capability to track logs of the SMS messages scheduled to be sent
  • Capability to schedule SMS messages to be sent at a predetermined time

The list of major APIs that are used to implement this are:

  • Send SMS: POST: {Base url}: /openmrs/ws/sms/send
  • Save Configurations: POST: {Base url}: /openmrs/ws/sms/configs
  • SMS Logs: GET: {Base url}: /openmrs/ws/sms/log

A new repository within SolDevelo · GitHub is going to be provided for the implementation of the SMS module.


Do we have any running demo of scheduling the SMSes on a predefined interval? If yes, will you please provide me details on how to find that, so that I can have a better understanding of it?

cc: @pwargulak @druchniewicz @samuel34


Hello, @pwargulak @druchniewicz @samuel34 ,

I have uploaded my GSOC proposal for the above-mentioned idea on the GSOC website and I have also given comment access to the Word document in the link provided. Will you please take your time and provide your valuable feedback on the proposal?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Have you checkout the Connect For Life demo site?

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Yes, I have checked the demo for Connect For Life and there is not any demo for scheduling the SMS. However, I found more in the documentation of the SMS module that we don’t have any existing UI for this.