GSoC 2024 : Integrating CFL’s SMS Module into O3 Project Updates

Hello OpenMRS,

I am working on a GSOC project Integrating SMS module into O3 which basically aims on having a frontend UI that works with CFL(Connect For Life)'s SMS module in relation with the O3 designer and developer styleguides

Am using this thread to share updates concerning the latter

Primary mentor: @pwargulak

Backup mentor: @druchniewicz

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Technical walkthrough of the project:
As stated earlier, the project aims to have a working O3 UI for the CFL’s SMS module. The project is related to Integrating Messages module into O3 by @lumuchris256.

The two projects are actually under the same hood but I guess just for simplicity, were broken down into two. Take the SMS module as basically settings and specifically provider(SMS providers) settings well as the Messages module handles the actual subscription of a patient to certain reminders/messages. The terminology used here is quite interlocking, we are working with the UX team to have a better naming.

The SMS module gives you the ability to have different SMS providers set up and test all your configurations with admin access. You can set up multiple providers and simply switch to the preferred one without changing anything in the code.

Knowing that wraps almost everything about this module. The rest are forms like the configuration testing form that used to send test messages when testing out the configurations. The Add Configuration form filled for a complete provider set-up.

Testing provider configurations

Checkout the API documentation for more information

cc @grace @ibacher @samuel34 @dkigen @hadijah315 @pwargulak @druchniewicz @dkayiwa @vasharma05 @jexsie @jayasanka @piumal1999


Creating O3 designs for the project