GSoC 2024: Integrating CFL’s Messages Module into O3

Hey @pwargulak

I picked interest in one of the OpenMRS GSoC projects you are mentoring “Integrating CFL’s Messages Module into O3”. There are two projects with the same project name “Integrating CFL’s Messages Module into O3” but I specifically mean the second one concerned with the Calendar and Scheduling messages in general. After reading through docs of SMS and Messages Module, a few questions I might have are

  1. Is it okay to test from the demo server(Login)?. I created some demo data to make test a few stuff and it looks like the server reset along the way and I lost it all :joy:.
  2. Is it feasible to locally build the openmrs-module-sms and deploy it to a local OpenMRS server? Will all SMS configurations function as expected on a local server environment?
  3. Are there existing design specifications available for CFL’s Messages Module in O3 format?

Hi @ndacyayisenga

  1. It’s ok to play with Demo server. It resets every 24hr, that’s why it’s OK :slight_smile:
  2. Yes, it’s ok, this module has no “strange” dependencies, I suggest using the latest SNAPSHOT from Github. The details about config, are here. Some Template (see docs) config examples are in the module’s source code, in test package.
  3. There are no design specifications.