GSoC 2024: Android Project Idea Discussion

Hi everyone!

I would like to contribute to the Android project in GSoC 2024, so can we understand more details about the Android project mentioned on the Wiki page?

I came across:

Building an Offline-Capable Android Application for LMICs Integrated with Enhanced OpenMRS 3.0 FHIR Module

Does it target building a new Android app (adopting Google’s Open Health Stack) from scratch? or modifying the existing Android Client app?

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@kdaud @dkayiwa @herbert24 is this project idea still available?

These are the available projects:

I see that it is under GSoC 2024 Projects section

Share the wiki page link.

Any information, please?

Hey @salahoamro, yes, the project is indeed available for this year’s GSoC.

@frederic.deniger @jofrancisco , could you kindly assist @salahoamro with their queries?

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Hey @salahoamro Thanks for reaching out! We’re just getting started with the GSOC planning, so I don’t have details yet. Quick note: Currently, we’re exploring the capabilities and features needed for an Android app, including tests with the Health Stack Android SDK from Google. However, I don’t have any formal details yet.

Apologies for not having an answer right now.

Thanks for your interest and patience! José Francisco

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Thank you for your response @jofrancisco. I’ll be waiting for more details to get started with making a plan for it.

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Hello, my name is Lucas Martín, I am from Madrid, Spain.

First of all thank you very much Amr for initiating a discussion for this GSOC24 project, I am also very interested in participating in this amazing project with OpenMRS. I have advanced Kotlin and Java experience and I enjoy creating Android apps and games in my free time. This is the reason I am looking forward to contribute in this project.
Tomorrow, March 18th, marks the start date for submitting applications. Therefore, I would like to ask the mentors of this project, @jofrancisco and @frederic.deniger, about how I should proceed with the application and how I should contact you for any questions related to the application process.

Thank you very much, and have a great day!

Lucas Martín

Hello @salahoamro, @lucas sorry for the late reply and thanks @jofrancisco for the first answers.

For the application, everything is well explained on gsoc sites ( I believe you know these):

For me, it will be easier to communicate on OpenMRS Slack instance:

The objective is to build a new Android Application based on android-fhir and GitHub - google/fhir-app-examples: Contains examples of how Open Health Stack components can be used together as the foundation for FHIR based digital health solutions and using OpenMRS as the FHIR Server.

Our objective will be to propose an operational MVP to our end-users ( will give the details steps later) and to create a git repository (fully documented) that all OpenMRS community can use to build their own Android applications. The best solution would be to create a White-Label Android Application that will be easily configurable/ cutomizable but it will maybe be a too big challenge.

We ( ICRC OpenMRS Team ) will try to evaluate/test all these integration before Summer so that we can propose clear work package to Contributors.

The technical challenge of this project is that Contributors will have to be “fluent” with several stacks:


Hii i am fluent with Java and Android i would be looking at openmrs and openmrs module is their some demo we need to build before submitting proposal?