GSOC 2024: A UI-Based Validation Rule Builder for Streamlined Form Creation , Have a look at demo web project

Hey @everyone I’ve created a UI-based form builder with validation using Next.js, leveraging JavaScript for both validation and logic. This approach simplifies form creation, offering users an intuitive interface to build and customize forms without writing code. Benefits include increased efficiency, reduced errors, and accessibility for users unfamiliar with JavaScript. Please note that the project is not yet fully responsive, but efforts are underway to improve this aspect .

Live Link :

Github Link : GitHub - AnuragRoshan/formBuilder

Hey @grace, @dennis, @jayasanka, @vasharma05, @hadijah315, I’d greatly appreciate your feedback on this project. I’ve constantly striving to improve, so please share any suggestions or thoughts you have. Thank you for your time and input—it’s invaluable to me.