GSoC 2023: O3: Print feature - Requirements gathering


Hi everyone, I am interested in the print feature project on this year’s Google Summer of Code project list. “Print this” component

I need some more clarity on this issue.

  1. From my understanding, each facility has a list of items that need to be printed. so these lists are configurable. I am I right?
  2. If so do we have some default lists that we can have for starters in the print me component?
  3. Do we have some carbon designs for this component?
  4. exactly where is this button or dropdown list supposed to be?

cc @hadijah315 @vasharma05 @grace @dennis


@cduffy do we have any designs for the print this component. kindly guide me on how to go about it

There are no designs for this feature yet, sorry Deborah.

@dennis @hadijah315 could you please help @deb to identify the requirement?

Hi there,

I am also looking to contribute to this same project. Please help us with the requirements.

Thank you!

I shared some insights with @deb about how she can get started with gathering requirements, I am available on slack incase you have any follow-up questions @deb.

@cduffy, about the print this component, am of the view that we add it under app menu, just after patient lists, we add 'Print lists" when a user clicks of that button, it navigates to the page with a list of items to be printed. This should be in form of a table each row containing a column with the name of the list, a row with a dropdown with two buttons, the review button and the print button.

i would like to come up with some designs regarding this feature. its like a replica of patient lists. kindly guide me on how to design them, also if there is a quick way of modifying the patient list designs, I will be glad to use that

I am also looking for contribute in this project.

The way I understand this project is :

  1. looking to develop a “Print this” component for an EMR system that allows users to select what information they want to print, such as a medication list or recent lab results.

2 .The first step in this process would be to conduct a review of what people are currently printing and where they need/have the print button in the EMR system.

Overall, the “Print this” component should be designed with the user in mind, making it easy and intuitive to use, while also providing the flexibility to customize the printed output based on the specific needs of each user.

But What I don’t get it was how EMR system works , How it serve user ,or might be a chance that I misunderstood the concept.

@hadijah315 @deb Can you help me to understand it well ?

Thank You.

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