GSOC 2023: O3: Migrate vanilla React forms to RHF Project Updates & Discussion

hello folks :wave:

I will be working on the project ** O3: Migrate vanilla React forms to RHF** for the OpenMRS community.

The main objective of this project is to Refactor React Forms using React Hook Form and Zod so as to enjoy the benefits of the two

  1. Improved performance
  2. Maintainability
  3. Enhanced validation
  4. Reusability
  5. Easier testing
  6. Better user experience

This thread will be used for project updates and discussions.


Primary: @dennis

Backup : @hadijah315

Contributor: @lumuchris256


Project Details(in progress) Link

@jayasanka @grace @dennis @hadijah315 @kdaud


Held my first of many meetings with my mentors(@dennis and @hadijah315 ) on Tuesday 16th May evening(4pm EAT) and Dennis discussed the project at length and shared some tips as well.

Shared resources as well and the updated documentation for 03

Cheers :boom:

cc /@jayasanka @kdaud