GSoC 2023 Community Talks Special Edition with Stephanie Taylor

Hi all,

GSoC Aspirants,

I’m glad to inform you of the virtual Google Summer of Code Community Talks that started as a way for past participants to share their GSoC and open source journey. Through unique and authentic stories, the program aims to inspire potential contributors and connect them with the GSoC program.

This month’s talk on February 23rd at 16:00 - 16:45 UTC will be with Stephanie Taylor, Google Summer of Code Program Manager. This talk will be a bit different from other Community Talks and will serve as an opportunity for potential contributors to learn about the application process, hear some tips, and ask questions about how to apply to Google Summer of Code 2023. Contributor Applications officially open March 20th.

If you’d like to attend this virtual presentation, please fill out this form by February 22nd at 20:00 UTC to be invited by GSoC Community Talks.

/cc @jennifer @jayasanka


If you’d like to attend this virtual presentation, please fill out this form by February 22nd at 20:00 UTC to be invited by GSoC Community Talks

Reminder to all our potential GSoC’23 contributors who haven’t yet registered for the community talks with Stephanie Taylor(Google Summer of Code Program Manager) and are planning to be part of this virtual presentation that there remains a few hours to the deadline.

Looking forward to seeing our potential GSoC’23 contributors be part of the attendees :sweat_smile:

I have registered in the form you provide but I haven´t receveid any invitation yet. Do I have to fill it exactly at 20:00 UTC today? Thanks and regards

nooo :no_entry_sign:

If you have just registered now, the invitation will arrive on your gmail account in the next few hours, just ensure the last question you responded with the right Gmail address.

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Received. Thanks

Fantastic presentation by Stephanie Taylor, Google Summer of Code Program Manager

It was a wonderful moment with Stephanie Taylor taking through a well prepared helpful presentation to the GSoC potential contributors world wide :globe_with_meridians:. I got cheered up when seeing most of our aspirants(@jgonzalezans @ndacyayisenga @lumuchris256 @nyyesigahenry @suubi7 @wikumc @parthis @thembo42 @jagritvats @shamlymhd @tasmiya20 @mostafaa and many more) being part of the virtual presentation.

For those who didn’t manage to attend, I compiled the presentation down there in order to be inclusive in the loop and position yourself so you can submit a strong proposal when the contributors application period open up on 20th March. Perhaps you might have attended but you want to re-take please feel free :slightly_smiling_face:. The last part of the presentation was around QA(Question and Answer) where Taylor answered all the questions clearly and can be helpful to answer some of the questions the GSoC potential contributors may have as they go through February 22 - March 19 period where they are discussing application ideas with :openmrs: Community.

Checkout the → Presentation slides

Apart from being beneficial to this year’s GSoC aspirants, the presentation can also serve as a great resource for the coming years.

As we continue making this year’s GSoC experience better, the next important date is 2rd March(Thursday next week) where @christine is organizing an OpenMRS Webinar for GSoC potential contributors so tell a friend and do not miss.

/cc: @jennifer @jayasanka @erica


sure! @kdaud it was great!


@kdaud it was a wonderful presentation indeed

thanks, you sir that presentation really helpful for me

@kdaud great thanks.

@kdaud Thank you for the compilation I just joined the community