GSoC 2023: Coding begins today - May 29, 2023

Dear GSoC’23 Contributors,

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We’ve utilized the community bonding period of three weeks time to interact with the community, meet our respective mentors and getting started with the project. So the next most expected period is here → The coding period begins today - Monday, May 29, 2023. Two phases of the coding period is expected during the program.

Contributors & Mentors, please be aware of this timeline for the upcoming deadlines,

  • May 29 : Coding begins

  • July 10-14 : First evaluation period - mentors evaluate their receptive contributors

  • August 21 - 28 : Contributors working on medium sized projects wrap up their work and submit final work product and final mentor evaluation.

  • August 28 -September 4 : Mentors submit final GSoC contributor evaluations

  • September 5 : Initial results of Google Summer of Code 2023 announced

  • September 4 - November 6 : GSoC contributors with extended timelines(large project) continue coding

  • November 6: Final date for all GSoC contributors to submit their final work product and final evaluation

Instructions for Contributors

  • Be aware of your timeline and evaluation periods- If you miss any of the deadlines, then we can’t do anything and as default you will be removed from the program.

  • Each week, you will be asked to write a blog post that should contain your work during the last week, common practices, and learnings for the open source. The blog post where we shall be commenting with our weekly blogs will be put out on talk by tomorrow.

  • We suggest that contributors participate in the weekly squad meetings that align with your respective projects. This is a good opportunity to get into the habit of tracking your daily contributions and making sure you’re up to date on your project work. It’s also a good way to share any blockers that you’re facing and receive community support.

  • Another suggestion to help you organize, manage and track progress on your project is to set up a simple Trello board (or using another project management tool) with project milestones/activities and a few columns such as TODO, IN PROGRESS, and DONE.

  • Be active on the talk forum, slack and emails

  • Help others on talk forum, slack channel, and increase your visibility across the OpenMRS

  • In case of any issues or blockers in your project/timelines, please make sure to inform your mentor and GSoC Admins (@jayasanka & @kdaud) as soon as possible.

Looking forward to a fruitful Google Summer of Code 2023 with our selected contributors :slight_smile:


/cc: @jayasanka @jennifer


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