GSoC 2022: Migrating from OpenMRS ID to KeyCloak

Hi all… Following the GSoC 2022 accepted projects, I have interest in the project GSoC 2022: Migrating from OpenMRS ID to KeyCloak - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki I request for resources and intro tickets incase there is any. Thanks

cc @cintiadr @burke @dkayiwa @ibacher

For starters have you looked at this Interested Contributors, Get Ready for GSoC 2022 !

thats great am also intrested in that

Hello @ndacyayisenga

i would like to point you to two resources, maybe you can get something out of them.

FYI: We are to replace the server, which currently manages authentication $ authorisation, with KeyCloak to manage Jira, Talk, and wiki.

If i was the intern, i would think about;

  • migratig the existing data on the current IAM server to KeyCloack.
  • KeyCloack integration with Atlassian pros and cons

You can crack this @ndacyayisenga! Break a leg!

cc @grace @cintiadr

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@ndacyayisenga just to add on @jnsereko submission you can play around with this too to get a clear insight.(theoretically could integrate with Atlasssian Access) it was pointed out to me by @burke .