GSoC 2022: Improving 3.x E2E Tests

Hello everyone,

This thread was created to update the community about the future progress of the 3.X E2E tests. And also I was wondering to migrate the workings with the GSOC projects which is [ GSoC 2022: Improving 3.x E2E Tests ] by applying as a GSOC student.

To get started with the project I started working on a requirement gathering phase to identify the real needs and outcomes of the project. So main objectives of the project are -

  1. Improve developer engagement
  2. Improve the reliability of tests
  3. Run tests against 3.x related Pull requests.

Also, there would be more sub-objectives that need to be focused on within the project.

As I mentioned earlier, I was preparing a requirement gathering phase And will be sharing the updates on its progress in this thread.

Skeleton of the Document -

Thank you.

cc: @jayasanka @bistenes


Thanks for your interest in this project @pasindur2! Could you please grant access to me for the doc?

Sure @jayasanka Access granted.

Good job so far @pasindur2! I added some comments. Keep writing. :blush:

  1. Run tests against 3.x related Pull requests.

I don’t think this is going to happen. (1) and (2) are very important though. CC @zacbutko , who is thinking about our QA processes.

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Will try to find a solution for that challenging point. @bistenes :blush:

I don’t know what problem you are trying to solve.

While focusing on the other two main objectives I thought it would be nice to have a feature. I went through the existing solutions. I’ll try my best to see whether we could improve [this solution] if we have time.

Yes, I agree with @bistenes. Since it is a challenging task and might need some effort, I would also recommend you focus on the other objectives. There are a lot of pain points in the current system that blocks developers from writing tests. Also, we should try to make tests more deterministic (currently they aren’t). I can see that you have already identified the issues with the current system. Try to explain how you are going to implement your proposed solutions. If you already have a solution for PRs, feel free to document it on the proposal, but do not spend much time on this. :blush:

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Thank you for the guidance @jayasanka @bistenes . I will document what are the found solutions for the issues in the current system. Then we can discuss how it would be possible to improve the system with proposed solutions.