GSOC 2022: HTML Form Entry enabled in OpenMRS 3.x

Hello everyone,

While going through the GSoC 22 projects, I got interested in this project Enable HTML Form Entry forms in OpenMRS 3

To get familiar here are the steps that I took:

  1. Setup OpenMRS 2. x SDK (To get familiarised on HTML form entry)

  2. Went through

In OpenMRS 2. x the modules is included using a .omod file.

But 3. x is developed using single-spa framework, In frontends like openmrs-esm-patient-chart which contains esm-form-entry-app is included in the packages directory. Is the html-form-entry module should be included in the same way?

Thank you.

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Hi everyone,

Here’s what I understood about this project recently, feel free to correct any misinformation. I’m currently working on creating a draft proposal. The purpose of creating this thread is to clarify the doubts.

  1. During my study about this project, I understood that part 1 is been implemented.
  1. The GSoC project is related to part 2. The aim of the project is to render the HFE forms in Openmrs 3x using an iframe or in a separate tab.

  2. I was unable to find any HFE forms in the 3. x Ref app currently. I went through the configurations provided in the implementor tools tab. As I understood the forms haven’t been added yet. Is this related to part 2 of the implementation?

  1. In the initial stage, the forms will be shown by redirecting the user to old-style forms. Is this currently implemented? How can I test it?

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Correct. This should also hopefully answer your question 4.

or in a separate tab.

No, this was handled in Part 1 by ICRC already.

Correct, no HFE forms have been added yet. But actually yes, that is a great idea to include in Part 2 :smiley: Especially because that would allow us to see how Part 1 is working already.


Thank you for clearing out the doubts :slightly_smiling_face: . Is there a way to submit a draft proposal?

Hello everyone,

Here is a drafted proposal for this project, mentors feel free to request access to the following document.

I noticed that the project has been removed from wiki today, does this suggest that it is no longer part of GSoC?

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greetings @kumuditha we got some changes about the aviability of the mentors for this project,we kindly encourage you to apply for a different project before the closing date,i am happy to explain more on a call if you find it important.thanks

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