GSoC 2022: Android Project Discussion


I have some questions regarding OpenMRS Android Client App GSoC project. I’ve discussed with my mentor @rohitsharma that I would first publish the app on Google Play Store, but need some clarifications:

1- The app is already published there, However, it just crashes when trying to open it. Is it an older version of the app, or it is the up-to-date one but needs a fix?

2- Would I have access to Google Play Console account (or be added as a user)?

3- Regarding converting MVP architecture to MVVM, there are already some Repositories that are created in the project. These repos contain functions that are used in MVP presenters. I would like to discuss two approaches of conversion to MVVM and what to pick through this process:

a. Create repositories for the rest of the modules and use their functions in the current MVP architecture like what is done until now. Then as a final priority convert the rest of the architecture by creating ViewModels and modifying the views (activities and fragments), then removing MVP views and presenters.

b. Convert module by module thoroughly by creating a Repository, ViewModel, and modifying the View (activity & fragment), along with deletion of the old Presenter & View.

I would appreciate your ideas.

cc: @herbert24


Please give us your thoughts regarding app deployment on Play Store.

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hi @saurabh do you want to address some of the above issues?