GSoC 2021: What Happens Now? Community Bonding

Once again, congratulations to the 11 students selected for Google Summer of Code 2021! We’re happy to see you all here. And a huge thanks to our OpenMRS GSoC mentors, as well as all of the students who submitted applications this year.

We are now in the community bonding period and this is the time to set yourselves up for success. Here’s a run down of what comes next - and when you should complete each next step.

In the next week

Introductions. Please respond to this thread and introduce yourselves! We’d love to know more about you, specifically:

  1. Where are you from/based?
  2. How far along are you in your education? Where are you currently enrolled?
  3. Tell us about your project in a sentence or two.
  4. What’s your Slack and/or IRC/Telegram nickname?
  5. What interests you about OpenMRS?
  6. Tell us one (or more) interesting or fun facts about yourself
  7. Tell us about your previous open source contributions (short and sweet :wink:)
  8. Which are the Open source tools/techs that you most preferred to use, introduce to OpenMRS community?

Get to know your mentors. Contact your mentors and set up an initial meeting. If you are also working with a squad, consider inviting the squad leads to join this initial meeting as well. Here are two things to cover during this initial meeting:

  • Set up a schedule & agree on a plan to communicate on a weekly basis
  • Review and refine your project plan and timeline

In the next two weeks

Get ready to blog! Each of you must post a blog entry each week during GSoC. The sooner you get started, the faster this will become a habit. Feel free to use an existing blog if you have one.

Get ready to submit weekly progress reports. The status report shouldn’t take long to complete, but it’s important that this is done at the start of each week to help us ensure your project is on track and make sure that everything is going well.

Student & Mentor Social Hour We’d like to kick off the coding period with a social hour. To help us schedule this, please share your availability using this Doodle Poll.

Keep an eye out for more information about weekly blogs and progress reports next week!


Thank you @jennifer this thread was really helpful.

I’m Heshan Andrews, a sophomore at University of Colombo School Computing, Sri Lanka. I’m working on Export and Import feature for OMRS reporting module project which is aimed to integrate the export and import features for period indicator reports into DHIS connector module. My slack profile name is Heshan Andrews. I like how OpenMRS is a platform where programmers like us can come in work on projects that actually make an impact and the community is very friendly and welcoming too.

I’m a huge metalhead, more into prog, death and djent but there is something about blues mixed pop artists that appeal to me a lot, that’s sort of my guilty pleasure. Apart from that, I’m working as a tech lead at Sustainable Education Foundation which is a volunteer-driven open-source organisation based in Sri Lanka. That’s where I was exposed to the open-source development culture for the first time and even paved my way into OpenMRS.

I really enjoy using Github as an open-source tool. I’m really awed at how just the advent of git has caused people to create such beautiful things like these profound, impactful open-source organisations.


Hi everyone, I am Medhavi Srivastava from India. I am currently a third-year undergraduate at Atal Bihari Vajpayee-Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior, pursuing a five-year integrated Bachelors’s and Masters’s in Information Technology.

I am working on the project Support for Extended Operations in FHIR. The project aims to support the operations: $lastn, which would fetch the most recent n Observations corresponding to the specified Patient resources; the $lastn-encounters which would fetch all Observations matching the most recent n Encounters corresponding to the specified Patient resources, and the type level and instance level $everything operation on Patient to fetch all the information related to the specified Patient reference.

My Slack name is Medhavi Srivastava. I joined OpenMRS solely to explore open source. My definition of open source was limited to picking an issue and resolving it. But, after getting involved with OpenMRS, I realized it’s equally important(and fun) to be involved with the community. OpenMRS’s interactive and friendly community is one of the best things about it. I also love the domain OpenMRS works on. I had not given a thought to how medical data is being handled across the globe before.

I am a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, and before pursuing engineering, I seriously considered becoming a songwriter. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is what keeps me warm on my low days. I also religiously follow MasterChef.

My open-source journey before OpenMRS has been relatively brief. I contributed to an Android project under the GirlScript Summer of Code last year.

Same as @heshan, I also love using Git and how it has redefined the world of development and open-source. Vim is another open-source software tool that I prefer over other text editors.


Hi everyone! It’s a pleasure to work with OpenMRS in the Google Summer of Code 2021.

I’m Piumal Rathnayake from Sri Lanka. Currently a 2nd year Undergraduate at Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Studying Computer Engineering as my field of specialization.

I have been selected for the Project “Improving Functionalities of DHIS Connector Module”. This project is about the DHIS Connector Module which is used to send aggregated data from OpenMRS to DHIS2 Instance. The project aims to develop the DHIS Connector module with new features and functionalities.

Here are my contact details: Slack username: Piumal Rathnayake Telegram username: piumal1999

I am interested in open source communities, so I joined OpenMRS to work with this world class open source organisation. I could learn many new things in the time i have been here.

I like to listen to classical musical in my free time. Also I like to watch tv series and films. (However i have a huge collection of movies i haven’t watched yet). I am working as a Senior Software Engineering at Sustainable Education Foundation which is the same volunteer driven open source organisation that @heshan mentioned. I like and prefer using Git for open source development as everyone said. I literally can’t imagine an open source world without git and github.


Hello Everyone, I am Vineet Sharma and I am selected for GSoC’21 under the Microfrontend Squad.

I am working on the Modernizing Admin functions for OpenMRS: Clinical Data Management (User Dashboard, Clinic Dashboard, & Patient Chart improvements) which is aimed to develop various Clinical views and admin sections for the same. Along with that, I’ll be making the screens that would be used to handle 3 major admin functions : Visits, Encounters, Observations.

I am a resident in Haryana, India. I am a pre-final year student pursuing Integrated B.Tech +M.Tech 5 year Dual Degree from NIT Hamirpur. My Slack Nickname is Vineet Sharma. The reason I looked out for going through open source was to be a part of the bigger picture, the real life development. I have done internships before but they were all that I handled by myself. I wanted to learn from the senior developers, be a better developer, make out reach to great communities and joining OpenMRS gave me all these opportunities best in the hand.

About me, I am a person who loves to sit in the evening, seeing the sun set into the horizon and listening to calm music. Along with that, since my institute is located in between Hills and is the 2nd most beautiful campus in India, that takes me more close to the nature, the purity and connects me with the eternal beauty. Also I would say that I am a bucket full of bad jokes, yet a bit entertaining and a person with a beautiful song bucket. In short you can define me in 2 words: songs and nature!

I don’t have any prior contributions in Open-source, yet I have been using open-source tools and even OS, i.e. Ubuntu, Mint, etc. As far now, I don’t have much recommendations for OpenMRS because, they are using more than the best tools that I am aware of.



Hi everyone, I am Bartłomiej Rasztabiga from Poland, a student at Warsaw University of Technology, majoring in Computer Science. I’m currently pursuing undergraduate studies there, since 2020.

In GSoC 2021 I’m working on the project The REST of Administration. This project aims to provide REST endpoints for administrative functions that are not yet available through REST. That’s a requirement for proceeding with developing new Microfrontend Architecture.

My Slack/Telegram/IRC nicknames are Bartłomiej Rasztabiga (navareth).

I wanted to contribute to OpenMRS because I’ve always wanted to help big open source communities with their issues. In this case, I could also contribute to the improvement of global health care management software which is even better!

Personally, my main hobby is software development in general, mostly distributed microservices architecture. However that’s not the only one, I’m also a big fan of fantasy literature and music.

My open-source experience started with Google Code-in 2017, where I’ve contributed to OpenMRS :slightly_smiling_face: Apart from that, I’m a lead developer of an open-source IoT platform built by my university science club.

When it comes to tools that help me proceed with open-source I would choose GitHub and Jira, which are both great for managing code and tasks.

Best regards


Hi everyone, I am Saurabh Kumar from India, I am a senior year undergraduate at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Jabalpur pursuing Computer Science and Engineering.

I will be working on the OpenMRS Android Client Project, This year the prime objective of the proposed project is to work on making the Android client more extendable easy for the implementers to deploy and implement by encapsulating common functionalities of the app using Jitpack library.

what Interests me about OpenMRS is the supportive community and the learning by doing things inside the community be it collaboration, or project discussion I have learnt a lot by contributing to this community.

I love Sinchan, dont believe me checkout my Github account :sweat_smile:

I got introduced to Open-Source via OpenMRS bulk of my contributions are for OpenMRS Android Client and the OpenMRS RestAPI documentation.

I dont think so I have any recommendations for OpenMRS in terms of tools, since I have been learning myself from OpenMRS , Git, Github, Gradle to name a few.


Hello everyone, I am Ankit kumar from Bihar, India. I am currently a third-year undergraduate at the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior, pursuing a five-year integrated bachelor of technology and Master of business administration in Information technology and currently waiting for the result of 3rd year to come out.

I have been selected for the SMART-on-FHIR project. The main objective of this project is to support patient and encounter context SMART launch and deliver a production-level project. It will allow the user to use the already existing health apps using OpenMRS resources securely.

My slack nickname is Ankit kumar. The best thing here is that everyone is motivated and supportive. They are always ready to answer the question no matter how silly or stupid the question may be. Contributing to society through the Medical record System is something that motivates me the most.

Fun fact … okay, I think there are many, but the most interesting one is that I prefer walking over taking any public transport (only if I have time and the distance is not too much). I love playing Cricket :cricket_bat_and_ball: and video games :video_game:

OpenMRS is my first Open-source organization. I have done some software development-related projects at university.

I think git was the best tool that I have been ever used. I struggled with git initially, but I am comfortable using it now after making lots of mistakes. :sweat_smile:

I hope to learn and also help others learn new things this summer, Again congratulations to everyone. :partying_face:


Hi there, I’m Jayasanka Weerasinghe from Sri Lanka. I’m a fourth-year software engineering undergraduate from the Informatics Institute of Technology, Sri Lanka collaborated with the University of Westminster, London. I’ve been working for OpenMRS for more than a year and I’ve been very close to the OpenMRS family. Currently, I’m a /dev/3 developer and working as the module leader of the DHIS2 Connector module.

My project is implementing E2E Automated Tests for the OpenMRS 3.0 RefApp. With this project, we are planning to simulate and test real-world scenarios, which allows seeing how a real user will interact with the application and verify complete system flow to ensure the application behaves as expected.

I have contributed to open source organizations such as Entgra and FOSSASIA. Also, I’m leading an open-source organization based in Sri Lanka, named SEF. Apart from programming, I like arts and crafts. I’m a creative person and like making things on my own. I used to be someone who was allergic to nearly every food type of food. I’m in the process of getting recovered slowly. I love reading, so I’d always love hearing about the great books you’ve read! :hugs:

I’d like to express how proud I am to be a part of the OpenMRS community! Thank you to everyone. and congratulations to all of the students who were selected!! :blue_heart:


Hello Everyone!

I am Nsereko Joshua from Uganda, an undergraduate student at Bugema University, Offering a Bachelor’s in Software Engineering and currently in my Second Year of study.

I am among the three selected students for the project Patch Security Vulnerabilities Identified by NCSU. In this project, I and other comrades are gonna tackle OpenMRS security Issues, that is, fix Vulnerabilities, server errors and much more. Its gonna be an awesome party.

Well, I joined OpenMRS in the last months of 2019. At that time I was unknowing of the benefits of Open Source. However, the adventure I have got with OpenMRS has raised my passion for Open Source. Currently, am an assistant head of an Open Source community we assembled at Bugema University called Dev Hub .

My slack and Linkedin username is Nsereko Joshua

I am not a fun of playing games bit physically or virtually. However I am fervent of music and I play Piano and guitar. I love nature and checking out new places.

Thank you all!


Hi everyone, looking forward to working with you! My name is Kate Belson and I’m from Southampton in the UK. I’ve just finished my first year at the University of Exeter, where I’m studying BSc Computer Science. I am particularly interested in Cyber Security, AI, and Space.

For GSOC I’m working on the Cyber Security project to help patch OpenMRS. I chose to apply to OpenMRS as it’s an important and ethical open source project where I believe I can grow my programming skills. This will be my first experience working on an open source project and I can’t wait to get involved.

My Slack nickname is Kate Belson and this is my LinkedIn profile Kate Belson | LinkedIn, feel free to get in touch! Some fun facts about me are that I’m a member of Rock Climbing and Swimming societies at university, and I’m currently the Marketing Officer for the Computer Science Society.

Thank you and congratulations to the other successful applicants.