GSoC 2021 - The REST of Administration

Hello everyone;

I am interested in this year’s GSoC, specifically the Modernizing Admin functions for OpenMRS: Option 6: The REST of Administration.

I have gone through the project description but still, I have a hard time understanding the objectives.

What resources are we to expose via REST ??

Also, I tried accessing the demo page but got a 404 status response.

I appreciate any help I can get.


Hi @dbryzz!

There is already a thread on this project here: GSoC 2021: The REST of Administration - #5 by navareth

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Thanks @navareth

I will go and ask my question there then.

@dbryzz You can always reset it with this CI plan: OpenMRS environments - Reset demo server 1764: Build result summary - OpenMRS Bamboo or switch to qa server

You can also have a look here

Thank you @gcliff It was quite helpful

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Hello :upside_down_face:

I have cloned the repo and after running the mvn clean install it generated a file named in directory.

Is there a standalone application of the same version (2.30.0-SNAPSHOT)?

@sharif @herbert24 @mozzy @gcliff