GSoC 2021: The REST of Administration

Hi everyone!

I’m interested in participating in this year’s GSoC through the following project: The REST of Administration. Currently there are not a lot of information on the wiki so I thought this post could lead to a greater discussion about that topic.

I understand that while migrating to new micro-frontend framework you will need to provide a REST API for all administrative function.

  • Is there a list of resources that has to be accessible through REST API?

  • Are there any resources as of now that are identified as not accessible through REST API right now?

Wiki page:

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helo @navareth

you can have a look at these

the rest api covers most part of the openmrs data though i believe there is some data that still needs to be represented forexample the dosing instructions

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Hey @navareth. I’ve added a little more detail to the REST of Administration wiki page. Basically, the Legacy UI dynamically renders a list of administration links for installed modules on the advanced administration page (everything in the last column under the “Modules” section). This list is currently rendered server-side in the Legacy UI. In order to render this list in a new Micro Frontend-based (single page React) administration app, this list of administration links for installed modules will need to be exposed via the REST API (i.e., anyone with sufficient privileges to view the list of administration links in the Legacy UI should be able to call this REST API endpoint to get the list in JSON form so it can be rendered in the new administration functions app).

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I think I have a good understanding of a task at hand.

I’m assuming that this project will require extending, is that correct?

If so, what is the desired REST “resource” that those endpoints should be added to?

Also, what is the User role required to view the list of administration links as of now?

Hello everyone;

Thanks @navareth for redirecting me here.

Like @navareth I am interested in taking this project in this years GSoC. I have gone through the project description but still, I have a hard time understanding the objectives.

What resources are we to expose via REST ??

Also, I tried accessing the demo page but got a 404 status response.

I appreciate any help I can get.


I have one more question regarding the task.

In Objectives section on wiki there is a line: “Wherever possible & appropriate, build FHIR-based endpoints within the FHIR2 module (may not be relevant to this particular project)”.

Is it really applicable here since we’re only supposed to edit the REST API module?

@dkayiwa @herbert24

Do you guys know answers to some of the questions we’ve asked above?

Thanks in advance

Having it provided by the REST API should be good enough. But whenever we find it relevant for the FHIR-based end points, we do it.