GSoC 2021: System Managment -Naman Kumar

Hi everyone,

I am Naman, pursuing my Undergrad at PEC, Chandigarh, India. I have been contributing to the OpenMRS community for the past 3 months. it’s been a great learning experience.

The community here is so helpful. I contributed to opensource for the first time in the project Open Concept Lab (OCL) and then , aiming for GSoC2021 , I also started contributing to MicroFrontend. I have been part of the MF squad for almost a month and learnt a lot regarding its architecture and Codebase. There are a lot of great projects under Modernizing Administration functions for OpenMRS for GSoC2021 which I think suit my skills. Furthermore, I have been focusing on the project System Management and playing around its OWA-based and Legacy UI website.

I have the following queries regarding the project. Any help is appreciated.

  • Regarding the breaking down of the frontend in MFs, I was wondering if some Administration Functions might get further broken down into mini MicroFrontends (which totally depends on how it can be useful for our architecture). If that’s the case, do we have to decide the divisions or will it be decided afterwards.

    This information would be helpful for me to build my proposal.

  • Also regarding the rest endpoints, I am assuming that endpoints don’t exist for the functionalities that are not implemented in 2.x and we have to create them(rest endpoints). Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you so much for helping me out. Cc: All GSoC Admins, Project Champions, and Project Developers at MFE squad. @grace @jennifer @herbert24 @mozzy @ibacher @burke @bistenes @florianrappl @dkigen @dkibet @jdick @mksd

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I’d assume the number of microfrontends is negotiable to whatever makes the most sense. I’d probably tend to think that all the system management MFs should exist in a single monorepo, but that’s more about code organisation than anything.

Part of this series of projects is creating REST endpoints where they are necessary. It’s probably not as simple as “there’s an OWA for it or it doesn’t exist”, but there are likely some functionalities that have not been entirely ported to the REST API.

One example of hidden functionality would be the server log, which actually has a REST endpoint and an OWA that uses it, but it’s not linked into the normal UI. Similarly, there’s functionality to rebuild the search index via REST, but this isn’t used anywhere in the RefApp I’m aware of.

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Thankyou so much @ibacher for going through my queries and clarifying them.

Also Hi Everyone :smiley:

I have shared my Draft proposal for the project System Management on GSoC platform.

I will be really grateful if you take a look at it and review it. It will be really helpful.

cc @grace @jennifer @herbert24 @mozzy @ibacher @burke @bistenes @florianrappl @dkigen @dkibet @jdick @mksd @dkayiwa

Look forward for your comments