GSoC 2021: System Management

Hi :wave:, I’m interested in modernising the system management UI project. I going to gather and discover the basic requirements for this project and going to keep this thread updated.

As I went through the project details. These will be the UI’s that are going to be upgraded to micro frontends using React alongside with typescript.

Module Manage UI



I’m having a hard time locating these relevant UI’s. Can someone help me with this?

Project wiki page - System Management

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@anjisvj, I’ve updated the GSoC 2021: System Management project page and hopefully addressed some of your questions there.


Thank you! @burke It solved my issue.

Hi guy, I went through the current version and let me list down some of the issues I found.



Since we are going to use carbon design having a design guideline document will be easy for us. I can work on that later in this process.

Next step

Continue the research on how to improve the user experience.

Hi, Just like @anjisvj i"m interested in working on this project and have gone ahead to set up my local dev as well configuring my environment. After taking a detailed look into the project, currently starting to create a simple ems module to get the feel.