GSoC 2021 - Support for Extended Operation in FHIR

Hello everyone, I am Medhavi Srivastava, and I was selected for the GSoC project Support for Extended Operations in FHIR. I will be using this thread to post updates and progress on the project.

Primary Mentor: @varung31 Backup Mentor: @ibacher

Goals and tasks of the project in brief:

  • Implement the $lastn operation on Observations
  • Improvise the implementation of Observation.category to allow enhanced filtering in the $lastn operation.
  • Implement the $lastn-encounters operation on Observations
  • Implement the type level $everything operation on Patients
  • Implement the instance level $everything operation on Patients.

Resources and References:


$lastn Operation Implemented

Hello everyone, the $lastn operation on Observations has been implemented in modules R3 and R4.

Epic link: