GSoC 2021: People Management - Joachim Junior

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Hi everyone, I’m Joachim Junior, a Masters Student in Software Engineering from the University Of Buea Cameroon. I have been in the Community for a while now and my journey so far has been really smooth and Exciting. I actually consider it a privilege being part of this community seeing to the fact that I learn something new almost everyday. I have been working on the MFE for some time now and with the help of others, I can confidently say I have an acceptable knowledge of the project, it’s goals and objectives.

Right now, I’m planning to participate in this years GSoC under OpenMRS. Seeing the projects available for GSoC this year especially regarding the MFE, I got really excited. I’m versed with MFE, it’s code base and Architecture. I’m also Decent in Java, React, JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js. With this Skill Set, I think I’m the right Person to handle the project: People Management project under Modernizing Administration functions for OpenMRS for GSoC 2021.

Actually, this thread is a continuation of the thread I earlier created. I’m starting this thread to gather more info regarding this project and also to get thoughts on this project from the Mentors, Project Champions, GSoC Admins and anyone who has some ideas which could be of help. I’m on my proposal now and I’ll have a draft shared as soon as Possible. I’m open to corrections from anyone as this will help me improve. I have gone through the entire Project documentation and seen all the requirements for this project. But I have some concerns that I’ll like to share so that I could be more enlightened.

  • From the functions to be created, the lines In OpenMRS, a Person is used to store demographic and other person-specific information for Patients, Users, Providers, and people related to patients (children, relatives, caretakers, etc.) Sounds very explicit, but I’m not quite clear. Please what’s the main difference(s) between a User and a Person ?
  • Also, For Managing provider attribute types. I’m not quite clear about it.image2021-2-5_0-25-23 image2021-2-5_0-25-23 image2021-2-5_0-25-23. The fields min, max, data types and data configurations, what role does it play in this ? Please can someone clarify me on this ?

I’m sorry if my questions sounds silly. I’m just not really clear with them. Thank you for taking out time to go though my thread. I’m grateful. I’ll really appreciate it, if I can get some feedback from you all. Thank you.

cc: @grace, @jennifer, @burke, @ibacher , @mksd, @dkayiwa, @florianrappl , @bistenes, @jdick @suthagar23, @dkigen, @eudson, @dkibet @mozzy, @achilep.

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A User has a column with a foreign key to the associated person id. This means that one Person can have multiple User accounts for multiple logins. checkout these links to take you through users, person, roles and privileges

Person - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki.

Controlling User Access (Roles and Privileges) - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki.

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Thank you very much @herbert24. I’ll go through all these resources.

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