GSoC 2021 - OpenMRS Android Client Project 3.0.x - A Problem With Testing


I am trying to contribute by migrating matchingpatients package in the Android project from Java to Kotlin. I’ve completed the work, but the problem is that tests fail when I try to run ./gradlew check on the forked project before changing anything, and of course after changes. Any help, please?

Result: tests report.txt (59.0 KB)

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please raise This Issue on JIRA @salahoamro btw tests work fine on the forked project because I see travis status passing.

There might be issues with the usage of classes you’ve converted in other java classes as there could be Type mismatch exceptions or some ClassFormatExceptions and other IllegalArgumentException so do check all the usages of those classes. If you’ve already done it then report it to JIRA issue tracker.