GSoC 2021: Metadata Management - Ujjwal

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Hi all,
My name is Ujjwal. I am a Computer Science and Engineering Undergrad at NIT, Manipur, India. I have been really fortunate to be part of this great community for 2 months now. Interacting with people and contributing to the code base, has been a really great journey for me so far. I have predominantly been a part of the MFE squad. And have learned a lot regarding the project and its goals.

Currently, I am planning to be a student contributor in GSoC 2021 under OpenMRS, so that I can contribute in a better way. All this time working within the MFE squad, I am well versed with the Micro frontend Architecture and its codebase, and I have experience working with Java, React, TypeScript, JavaScript. Given all of that, I feel myself to be a great fit for the project: Metadata Management under Modernizing Administration functions for OpenMRS for GSoC 2021.

I am starting this thread to gather more information regarding the project and sharing my ideas with the Project Mentors, Project Champions, and GSoC Admins. Additionally, I am planning to share my draft proposal for the GSoC project, all feedbacks are welcome, those will help me gain more insight and help me improve.

I have been reading the project description, trying to find out the missing pieces of the puzzle, and with all that work, I can understand the requirements of the project very well. But, I have a few queries that could help me gain a better grip on the project expectations. Some of them are:

  • One of the crucial parts of the project Metadata Management revolves around the FHIR metadata functions, I have been learning regarding the same, using this wiki, this slide show and this video. Apart from these are there any other recommendations about resources that I should go through to be better prepared for the required task?

  • The project description talks about exporting the functionalities like Location and Programs from the current state i.e. Legacy UI to the new Micro Frontend Architecture using Carbon Design System, React, and TypeScript. This seems to be a fairly well-explained task and guidelines are easy to follow. But feedback and suggestions from the developers and mentors who are working on them can help me improve my knowledge more about the project requirements.

  • In the project, description, a few of the functionalities like “View Location Hierarchy” and “Manage Triggered State Conversions” requires a new way of implementation through consultation with the mentors. So, If the developers or mentors have any specific expectations or requirements for these functionalities, It would be really nice if you can share them with me so that I can prepare beforehand considering it and plan my draft timeline accurately.

Thank you, for taking out time to go through my query thread, I really appreciate your effort. And would love to have feedbacks and additional information regarding the project from you all.

Thank you so much for helping me out. Really appreciate it.
Cc: All GSoC Admins, Project Champions, and Project Developers at MFE squad. @grace @jennifer @herbert24 @mozzy @ibacher @burke @bistenes @florianrappl @dkigen @dkibet @jdick @mksd


Thanks a lot @ujjwaltyagi355 for you very articulate post :+1:

About programs management first. I think that one will require upstream design work that could take a number of people into lengthy discussions. I wonder why this item has been shortlisted actually, @grace?

To give you an example: IMO all state transitions should be connected to an encounter, at least optionally. This means changes in the Core data model, thereby expanding the scope of work… etc.

Locations management is one that is I would like to see prioritised, as well as users management, with a preference on the latter actually. If this could become the focus of your GSoC then I would consider mentoring again :slight_smile:

What do you mean by that? FHIR resources to manage metadata?


Thank you @mksd, for taking out time to share your view in such a great way.

That explains a lot about the project complexity. Would keep that in mind.

It would be a great privilege to have you as a mentor for the project.

FHIR metadata functions as in the FHIR administration functions that are to be implemented, where we have to create a UI to make the CRUD operations easier for FHIR metadata tables. And regarding the resources, I was asking for resources that could help me have a better understanding of the FHIR modules and their implementations.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

@mksd We actually broke down the administrative functions into several GSoC projects this year to account for the reduced time, etc. So user management is also a target for this years GSoC, but as part of the People Management project.

Largely the idea of these GSoC projects isn’t to add completely new functionality, but rather to replace the existing admin page with something that fits into the MF design. You’re absolutely right that changes to the underlying data model are outside of the scope of this GSoC project and if there’s a short-term re-think of programs necessary, that maybe should be carved out of this project.

The source code for the FHIR2 module is here (this is the only FHIR module relevant to this project). I realise the Wiki documentation is a bit sparse. What sort of information were you looking for?


Thank you so much for this @ibacher,
I was looking for something related to the task expectation only. This will be really helpful.
Thank you.

Hello, Everyone.

I hope you are having a nice day.

This is to inform all that I have submitted my draft proposal for the project Metadata Management on GSoC’s platform for review.
It would be really helpful if you all could give it a read and share your feedback. Any changes that you consider should be made to the draft, please comment on the docs, it is open to all.

All your feedback and comments are really appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Cc: @grace @jennifer @herbert24 @mozzy @ibacher @dkayiwa @burke @bistenes @florianrappl @dkigen @dkibet @jdick @mksd


Hello @ujjwaltyagi355 , I want to apply for another project for GSoC and my proposal is almost ready, could you explain how I could submit a draft of my proposal?

Should I just upload it on the GSoc website, or is there another option?

Hello @bejanut,

You can submit it on the GSoC website. And complete the first 3 steps of the proposal submission process. Then your draft proposal will be shared with the organization.
Hope this clears your doubt.

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Thanks I will follow the process on the website and if i have any problems I will come back.

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No issues mate.