GSoC 2021: Clinical Data Management - Vineet Sharma

Hello all, I am Vineet Sharma, a tech enthusiast and under-graduate student at NIT Hamirpur, India. I am actively participating and contributing in OpenMRS for approximately 1 month now, especially in MFE Squad. I am glad to be a part of such a hard-working and supportive community and will love to be a part of the community ahead.

Right now, I am planning to participate in GSoC 2021 under OpenMRS. As I have been familiar with the MFE Architecture and it’s code-base by now and have a few contributions merged into the current projects, I feel that I am a good fit to undertake and work on Clinical Data Management project under Modernizing Administration functions for OpenMRS for GSoC 2021.

I am starting this thread so that I can post my ideas and ask my queries regarding the project. Moreover, this will help me to grab a better grip by discussing my ideas with the project mentors, and GSoC coordinators. I have started making my project proposal and will share it with you soon. I’ll also share my project timeline to get a review from the mentors and project champions for a better view and management.

My queries regarding the project are as follows and it would be a great help to get all your feedback on the queries.

  • As I have read and understood, Clinical Data Management project is to replicate the current functionalities of the current Legacy UI functions to MFE architecture using Carbon Design, ReactJS and Typescript. Since this task feels so simple and straight forward to sound, but a feedback from the mentors, who have been working on it, can help me have a depth knowledge of the project.

  • As mentioned in the project description, new functionalities maybe added while working on the project. If the developers have figured out some functionalities to be added, I request you if you can share it with me, so that I can prepare beforehand considering it and plan my draft timeline accurately.

My sincere apologies, I haven’t gone through the code-base of the Reference Application 2.x/ Legacy UI due to lack of knowledge in Java. I assure that I will try to learn Java before the coding period starts, so that I can refer to old code-base for any useful stuff and to add new REST APIs, if possible.

CC. to all the GSoC administrators, project champions and senior developers (who have helped me to out in every stage). @grace @jennifer @herbert24 @mozzy @burke @dkayiwa @bistenes @florianrappl

Every help and feedback will add loads to my knowledge. Thank You all!


Since, no one has answered to my queries and hasn’t shown much interest, can you help me out, where I am going wrong? @herbert24 @mozzy @burke @dkayiwa

hi @mozzy would you like to talk about this

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Hey @vasharma05 . Really glad to see you’re excited about this project. We need to figure out how to approach it.

The problem is that there is some work required up front from a senior MFE developer, which no one has allocated time for at this point. Maybe @jdick , @grace , or @mksd can help figure out what to do about that.

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Thank You @bistenes !

The problem is that there is some work required up front from a senior MFE developer, which no one has allocated time for at this point.

Oh, I understand. I am also working on a draft plan regarding the project. I’ll share it with all asap, glad that I can put forth my views and my road-map and be part of the team on planning the work accordingly.



Hello all! I have submitted my draft proposal on GSoC’s platform for review. I request you all to please give it a read and drop your valuable feedback by commenting on the document. The document is open to all with an access to comment on the docs. I will be really grateful to you all for your time and consideration.

Thank You all! CC: @grace @jennifer @herbert24 @mozzy @burke @dkayiwa @bistenes @florianrappl @jdick @ibacher @mksd


@vasharma05 I have just reviewed your GSOC application - it looks great. You clearly put a ton of work into this and it shows.

  • Your document structure and grammar is exactly the level of professionalism and thoughtfulness I’d hope for in a keen candidate
  • You’ve thoughtfully gone through the relevant areas of the Admin pages and considered not only how they’d be carbonized (you showed exactly what I was hoping people would do, which is show which carbon components they’d use), and you called out what little things could be easily done to improve the experience, like embedding search functions in long lists / tables.

Disclaimer that I am not a dev nor technical, but I think you have done a great job. I didn’t see anything I’d change.

You’re doing a nice job with your efforts in the squad and in the help with the onboarding document. Keep up the great work, we’re happy to have you in the community.


Thank You @grace for reviewing my proposal and I’m really delighted to hear that you find my work great!

It’s all my pleasure that I am a part of the MFE squad and I love to contribute my best into the community.

It’s all because of the great help and guidance from you and whole of the community. Thank you all!