GSoC 2020 - Switching from Hibernate Mappings to Annotations on OpenMRS domain objects - Final presentation

Primary Mentor: @ruhanga

Secondary Mentor : @k.joseph

Student: Mihaila Alin

Project Link:


My project was about switching from XML Mappings to Annotations on OpenMRS domain Objects. I had to add annotations for each class and then delete de XML Mapping. This thing sounds easier than it actually is, but in a large project like OpenMRS there are many dependencies between objects and classes, and a small mistake can produce errors in a lot of classes, even if you think your changes doesn’t affected that class.


The object of this project is to switch all OpenMRS domains from Hibernate Mappings to Annotations. This way, the new programmers can find easier the relations between objects and how there are saved into the database.

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google sheet with my progress

link to the epic issue

Final Video Presentation

Thoughts on GSoC

Being a GSoC student for OpenMRS was a great thing for me. This is a very nice program that give a lot of opportunities to students. I enjoyed very much working wit people all over the world. And the best thing, OpenMRS is not just an organization, it is also a community. The members are nice and always will help you when you get stuck with something. Keep it up!

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