GSoC 2020; Invitations to the Primary/Backup Mentors.

Hi Community members,

We are preparing to apply for the Google Summer of Code 2020 application, and as a part of that, we would like to invite some mentors to collaborate with the GSoC projects as Primary mentors or Secondary mentors.

Confirmed Projects:

If you like to be a mentor, Please fill this Google form:



cc @dev3 @dev4 @dev5

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We need about 6 - 10 mentors (Primary / Backup) to move with this year Google Summer of Code projects. Please respond to that Google Form if you are interested.


hello @suthagar23 i would like to feel in the form as a back up mentor on OpenMRS should run on PostgreSQL but for some reason i cant be able to access the form.

When you click on sign in its doesn’t allow you to feel in the details

You have to sign in with your GMail account. Can you try again?

when i click on the SIGN IN button, it gives me access to the form like for only 3 seconds and then displays the SIGN IN button again

Does it behave the same way on Mobile?

Not sure , haven’t tried it out on mobile


If you would like to be a mentor, Please fill this form as soon as possible,

GSoC 2020 Mentor Recruitment Form

Form : GSoC 2020: Invitations to Mentors