GSoC 2020 : Increasing your chances to be a successful GSoC student with OpenMRS

Hi Students,

Hope, you all are busy with your project proposals. Please consider these tips to increase your chances to be a successful GSoC student with OpenMRS.

  • More active in the community - Keep your loop with the community, and engage with the public threads to improve your visibility among the community. You can ask questions, communicate with your mentor(s) or can help others.

  • Answer all questions which are required for a GSoC Proposal -

  • Prepare a demo ( can be code implementation/wireframes / UI mockups) for your project to show that you have invested some time on that and you have the capability to move forward with that project.

  • Draft Proposal - Submit your draft proposal in the GSoC dashboard and ask your mentor(s) / Community members to review it(Don’t create any separate talk posts :smile:) . They will do some review and add some comments to make it better. You can go for multiple rounds of reviews. At last, Don’t forgot to submit the final proposal with the required changes.

  • Work more on tickets - We have listed some tickets with gsoc2020-warmup label in the JIRA. Please go there to pick some tickets and work on those. Definetly working more on the JIRA issues will increase your chances to be successfull GSoC student with OpenMRS. (

  • Do some pull request reviews - There are a lot of PRs waiting for the reviews. Go there and do some useful reviews on those.

  • Help us to close some inactive pull requests - If a pull request is no longer in action or the contributor missed adding chances for any requested changes (waiting for more than 03 months) - Please mention that contributor to add changes and mention any @dev5 members to close that pull request in the comment section. (Check OpenMRS-Core / Web Services / Andriod Client / Any other repositories)

If you have any questions, please let us know!



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