GSoC 2020 : Final results

Hi every one,

Here, Let’s celebrate the final results of the Google Summer of Code 2020 !!!

This year, we had 9 Students with 20 mentors and ended up with a 100% success rate of completion :star_struck:. Please find the final presentations of our students here,

  1. Ayeshmantha Perera
  2. Siddharth Vaish
  3. Alin Mihaila
  4. Aman Mishra
  5. Pahonsi Bebeto Achile
  6. Varun Gupta
  7. Shivansh Rakesh
  8. Rishabh Agarwal
  9. Jayasanka Weerasinghe

Here, We would like to thank all the students, mentors who worked with the projects, and the community members who helped our students in all possible ways. This was another successful year for OpenMRS, and we have completed 9 projects which will be included with the OpenMRS milestone plannings in the coming days.

Best regards - Suthagar


@suthagar23 thanks for leading us too.

Thanks much @suthagar23

great work done all mentors ,and Students

and above all our Fisrt admin @suthagar23 for the awesome leadership ,

it was nice working with you :slightly_smiling_face:

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