GSOC 2020 Doubts

Hello everyone I am a student in third year of my undergraduate . I am planning to apply for GSOC as a student to work under this esteemed organisation. I had a few doubts regarding the same:

  1. Does gsoc projects 2020 listed at the website that will not have a primary mentor won’t get selected?

2.Is there a limit to the maximum number of projects that get selected?

3.Can we come up with our own idea for the project and if yes how can we convey it?

4.Can we take up projects from past year that are not included this year?

This is my first time. So I am getting a lot of questions in my head.:slightly_smiling_face: Any help will be appreciated.


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Hi @aman,

We are still adding more resources to the project. You can initiate and go ahead with your plans/ideas for the project in Talk.

Yes, we always welcome for new ideas if it matches our requirements at this moment.

Can’t make sure about it, but if it’s required we may think about it.


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Thanks @suthagar23